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Chicago Teachers Union Members Take Stand Against Unsafe School Conditions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/04/chicago-teachers-union-members-take-stand-against-unsafe-school-conditions

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We transitioned just how many automotive plants into tank assembly lines for WWII? Sewed how many uniforms? Canned how much Spam? Laid how many hulls? Formed how many shells and packed them with gunpowder? Built how many remote runways? You get my drift. Trump, Inc. should be charged and convicted with negligent incompetence if nothing else. Masks? Gowns? Face-shields? Safe HVAC systems? That all remain in country. There is no end to my ire as I glance at my father’s flag that he earned in the 71st Infantry under the likes of Bradley and Patton going through France, Germany, and Austria and waiting at the Elbe River for the Russians as agreed to at Malta. No end. This once mighty nation, along with Russia, put the pincer on Fascism and defeated a force for evil almost unconceivable. Now, incompetence and indifference have become our forces for evil. Hang them high, upside down, and never forget to use their names in the pejorative.


Joe Dough blows smoke

If Lightfoot is pressing her boot to the neck of teachers (and students and parents), that is indicative of the Democratic establishment’s predilection, while projecting a pretense of providing “adequate funding”.

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