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Chicago Top Cop Fired, But Demand Grows for Mayor Emanuel To Be Next


Chicago Top Cop Fired, But Demand Grows for Mayor Emanuel To Be Next

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Heads have begun to roll in Chicago after public outcry over suppression of a deadly police shooting caught on tape, but critics of the city's notorious criminal justice system say they won't be satisfied until Mayor Rahm Emanuel himself resigns.

"It's not enough to fire the police chief," said RootsAction.org co-founder Norman Solomon, noting that more than 10,000 people have now signed a petition calling for Emanuel's ouster. "The buck stops with the mayor, and he should resign."


Emanuel and all the rest of the criminals in the government of Chicago. a full house cleaning is needed. Bless BLACK LIVES MATTER FOR THEIR PERSISTENCE! I stand with them as a white elder ally.


Go activists!


"[N]either Chicago nor Illinois law allows for the recall or impeachment of a politician. The people of Chicago will have to force Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign.": This fits with Chicago's gangsters of old. Shut the city down. See if this thug Emanuel survives that.


He'll probably become mayor of Jerusalem.


The cover-up grows and continues. There must be an independent special prosecutor appointed, as AG Alvarez is in this up to her neck, which was on the block along with the police chief, now gone. The lies, coersion of witnesses, disappeared 86 min B-K video and undocumented claim that "no tampering has been detected", the vanished squad-car murder-video audio and the absurd explanation that squad-car audio/video system batteries "were installed backwards preventing audio recording" stretches belief way past breaking - my BSometer is red-lined! Where are the B-K video recorders the FBI reportedly confiscated and why has no independent investigator been allowed access? Where is the report?

There were numerous other crimes committed in Chicago as a result of the police execution of Laquan McDonald, from other cops at the scene beside the murderer, to investigators, the prosecutor, and mayor - the facts of the cover-up conspiracy must be thoroughly and independently investigated, as well as release of all FBI so-called investigations and reports! The closeness of Prez Obama and Mayor Emanuel raises serious questions as to those FBI investigations, their scope, timing, and results - so-far NOT released for independent scrutiny to jmy knowledge.

Addendum - http://rollingout.com/2015/11/29/chicago-police-destroyed-evidence-erasing-burger-king-surveillance-video-laquan-mcdonalds-murder/



Other than the pure horror of the scene, what struck me on the video, was the passivity of the other police officers, they were as bystanders, they too should be brought before the bar for not acting. Did any of them even shout at the shooting officer to Stop!, I didn't hear that on the audio.

I lived in, and loved my time in Chicago, for thirty years, but I often commented, even though I had no run in with the police, that the powers that be seemed to recruit future officers by scouting playgrounds at schools, picking out the bullies, the kid pushing other kids around, as future candidates for the force.


Rahm Emmanual must resign. The present situation tells us much about the State of the Union.
This scandal has national ramifications. Unless things change, this will effect progressive and Black voter turn out. There is no national voice calling for the resignation of Emmanual. No Democrats and no Republicans and no national media. This collective silence is deafening. We have a President who is a proud product of the Chicago Democratic machine. We managed to grasped some of the Chicago's foul corruption when Governor Blagojevich went down. But the Justice Department kept the investigation limited and did not follow it to the President. We can expect no transparency from Obama's Justice. The Republicans have failed to exploit this scandal. Their posture shows how out of touch they are with real America.


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I watched Jesse Jackson do the usual spin-"there needs to be an investigation." The police are there to protect the 1%. Jesse Jackson is part of the 1%. How much violence do the people of Chicago take as the rich go their merry way? Jackson,Obama,the police and the media play their role keeping people in place as the 1% steal and kill.


Resigning isn't enough. We need community oversight of the police. Otherwise, the system will just go on ...


The CPD is out of control with no oversight or ramification for their behavior.

A few years ago, there was a peaceful protest when the NATO conference was in town. I, a then 53 year old white woman, went down to join in the march. The phalanx of heavily-armed CPD were lining the route. I was at the corner and as I attempted to step off the curb to joint the people, I was shoved, for no reason, by an CPD who venomously looked at me like I was scum. As someone who does not interact with police, I was horrified at this attack, for no reason whatsoever other than exercising my constitutional right to peacefully protest. I can not imagine what it must be like for people of color. Oh, wait, you get gunned down in the street as the "good cops'' stand by and watch.