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Chicago's Gitmo


Chicago's Gitmo

More gruesome stories emerge from black victims of a Chicago police "black site" where they were held incommunicado, punched, interrogated, shackled in stress positions and otherwise subjected to "Gestapo tactics" at a Homan Square site increasingly being compared to Gitmo. Outrage grows, as do social media campaigns, planned protests and calls for investigation. Connect the abusive dots: Chicago becomes the ugly microcosm and grim logical conclusion of a broken system. Sea to shining sea.


Make that “Rahm’s Gitmo”.


A good read is London’s The Iron Heel. Reading that, he seems to have become more of a prophet than a writer.


Well here we gio again! Yet another example for the 10 minutes of hate! Have you noticed how much easier the pot is to stir once this rant gets going? Inflammatory language gives way to even more inflammatory language and soon even hyperbole seems inadequate.
This is leading to nowhere but total boredom and inadequacy to respond with anything short of violent and fighting words. Such things ought not to be.


Huh. Not an effing expletive to be seen.

I think the “10 minutes of hate” would be had for those who would support crimes against other human beings in service to and subservience to a totalitarian state.