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Chilcot Report and 7/7 London Bombing Anniversary Converge to Highlight Terrorism’s Causes


Chilcot Report and 7/7 London Bombing Anniversary Converge to Highlight Terrorism’s Causes

Glenn Greenwald

Elevn years ago today, three suicide bombers attacked the London subway and a bus and killed 51 people. Almost immediately, it was obvious that retaliation for Britain’s invasion and destruction of Iraq was a major motive for the attackers.


Thank you Glenn. Of course most of us on CD know what causes terrorism you would think they do too. They seem to not care that it increases terrorism as it make for a perfect enemy, besides the old stand-by Russia, and is great P.R. for their perpetual wars. If it works keep doing it. And there's no doubt Hillary will keep doing it only bigger and badder cause she's a female war hawk. This is why they hate us.
Never Hillary


After the Empire goes through the trouble of starting a corporate war, why would they say anything to end it?


Tony Blair Witch Project is responsible for what happened on that day. George Warmonger Bush & Donald Rumsfeld were also responsible. Ehud Barack Obama, Killery Rotten Clinton, Hillbilly Clinton, George Warmonger Bush, George Herbert Warmonger Bush & Tony Blair Witch Project should be locked up in a chain gang at the ICC.


As reports leak out, we often see that the public is right despite the fact they are excluded from their governance and subjugation.
Despite the fact that the reports and the public are correct, the dominating structures of governance continue to perform their dark dance of violence and corruption.
This system must change and it will not change under Hillaryous nor Trump nor any other Republican or Democrat. Sorry Bernie, you're a good man, but the system is much bigger than you, and the system must be fundamentally reformed. A new President doesn't change foundational corrupted power. Spraying air freshener doesn't change the fact that your house is full of skunks.