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Chilcot Report Damns the Charade of Iraq War


Chilcot Report Damns the Charade of Iraq War

Andrew Bacevich

Reduced to a Tweet, the just-released Iraq Inquiry might read like this: “#Tony Blair a poodle? Verily.”


The banking sector is funneling in the billions by default.
Bernake just shovels it down the throats of his bretheren.

The MIC has to work a little harder at it. There is no way you can make it look good if you just give the sector money. So the fear machine has to play 24/7.

Anyone who knows about the Tush clan knows what their dirty fingers are deep within. It is what makes me give credence to 911 conspiracies. Nothing is beyond their reach. WankTush wanted to make sure his cabal of insiders made enough for the next century. Hence he wars.

And Blair simply saw an opportunity to get his hands in the pie.I am sure he was guaranteed the dough. How could that go wrong? It was a just war, right? Saddam. 911. Al Qaeeda The media made sure it was sold right.

Indict the media. Let us start there. Perhaps we can find the snitches in that bunch. And the house of cards can come down.


Will it take Blair's (perhaps) prosecution, or will the author wait until if/when the same happens to Bush, before he renounces his party?


"Blair sought to steer Bush; in the end, he got used."

Poor Tony; so abused by George Bush.

Tonto Bliar is an accomplished politician and a very intellignet man. Please; there is more to Blair than merely being abused by Bush.

At the time of the invasion, Time Magazine (it's gotta be true) ran a short article on how Russia, France and China were negotiating with Saddam Hussein to open up a major oil field in Iraq. Funnily enough, it was Russia, France and China who opposed the USA and the UK in the UN when it came to the invasion. Hence chips becoming renamed "freedom fries" in the USA; George Bush Jr's great contribution to the world of cooking, for which he should be awarded the Nobel Prize for Culinary Achievement.

If one is to believe conspiracies about oil, offshore of Gaza, Israel, Lebanon and Syria there lies the Levant Basin, thought to be a new offshore oil-equivalnet to Saudi Arabia. Its northenr margin may even touch Turkish territorail waters.