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Child Anxiety and Parenting in the Trump Era


Child Anxiety and Parenting in the Trump Era

Barbara Milrod

“Lucy,” a shy, intelligent six-year-old, missed three days of school because she had stomachaches. The symptoms started the day after Lucy witnessed a loud argument while waiting for the bus with her babysitter. A “scary man” shouted at people waiting: “Watch out, you’re all going to be deported now!” Lucy didn’t know what “deported” meant, but she knew it was very bad. People told the man to leave and shouted insults at him that Lucy didn’t understand.


Well, personally I feel like little kids should just be left with little kids worries. A six year old is not going to be fretting about politics or the president, as they have only the vaguest clue what they are, unless they are coached by their parents or other adults. Parents need to give kids love and security, not drag them into grownup worries. They will have to deal with those soon enough.


The children under discussion here are facing a real threat of them and their parents being grabbed by big thuggish adults in uniforms and sent to a hellish prison - then to a country that is currently second only to Syria in violence. How do you insulate a child from fears about that?

And, you are don't seem to appreciate the intelligence of children. When I was 7 years old growing up in the DC area, I recall having a very solid understanding about a President named "Kennedy, and these "very bad" guys named "Khrushchev" and "Castro" who the grownups and nuns in school told me were "communist atheists", which was bad, for some reason. I also at the same I learned about the effects of a 5 megaton H-bomb from those yellow civil defense booklets the teacher handed out to us. The teacher, who I could tell was upset, told me not read it - they were for our parents to read only. So of course I read the booklet as soon as I could. It certainly scarred me with anxiety problems for the rest of my life up to the present.


Just in case it's still not clear why it was bad try this:

Or talk to somebody who actually lived there during that time.


True, but how would someone get a nice picture like the one at the top the article and plaster it all over the internet if they didn't use their kids? You get lot more impact in certain circles by using kids at protest rallies, or having a law suit set up on their behalf.


And Helen Keller was a socialist, who loved flying her little red flag. Do I need to list the Crimes, Terror and Repression of the USA:

  • Genocide of Native Americans

  • Slavery of Africans and then African Americans to this very day, enabled by the 13th amendment, and getting a reboot by Sessions.

  • Nuclear bombing of Japan

(And none of those people, or their kin, ever received true reparations.)

  • Perpetual wars here --war on drugs-minorities/terror/the poor and middle class--- and abroad --war on terror, the poor, children the world over --as Zinn said, they are the true victims of war

And that's just for starters.

Plenty of evil people the world around. Communism has no monopoly on evil. Just look at how US companies, like IBM, Kodak, Random House, Coke, Chase Bank and a ton of others aided the Nazis.

And today, the USA is the #1 purveyor of terror the world over. More people in the world are terrified of the USA than any other.


I'm with ya on 1,3 and 4. But kids often fret about whatever the adults around them fret about. All those bad vibes rub off on those around us, but so do the good vibes.



Some of you people are terribly misguided. Communism is the most murderous and freedom ending regime ever invented. I bet during the 60/70s there were Americans stupid enough to believe the Soviet Union was some kind of worker paradise. even so i never seen any of them storming the Iron Curtain to live there.

This Hellen Keller should be ashamed of herself.