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Child Suicide Is a Symptom of Our Traumatised World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/07/child-suicide-symptom-our-traumatised-world

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“I tremble for my nation when I reflect that god is just.”
–Thomas Jefferson


Belen Fernandez appears sharp enough otherwise that she probably knows these quibbles, but here goes, on a btw and fyi sort of basis –

  • Adult suicide is mostly a symptom of trauma as well. Most of the trauma comes from childhood.
  • The world has already arrived at a state of fairly constant trauma in that we all carry it with us, it deranges our responses, and we take for granted customs that perpetuate it.

Of course, government should not be separating families, jailing or misplacing children–and misplacing them by sale, presumably.

The customs of Western societies are radically, lethally maladaptive.


A very astute woman, her take on American (anti) society and governance is right on target. What the US has been doing is criminal, immoral, illegal, monstrous, and, with a mega dose of hubris, quite useless for any possible purpose other than profit/power. America is not alone in causing misery and destruction across the planet, but America IS the country that always is honking it’s own horn about how Great, Honest, Good, and with God on it’s side. Ms. Fernandez is absolutely correct; the United States is addicted to delivering misery and destruction to people for power and profit.


Very true indeed, and, in fact. Still do not get the “reason” Israel is considered a “friend-trusted-stalwart ally” of the US. With “friends” like Israel the US does not need enemies. Basically the US has a nasty, and very dangerous parasite hanging around the neck of this country!


Here in Oregon we care so little about children that we send some of our foster children out of state to for-profit facilities where they are drugged and assaulted. I am grateful to State Senator Sara Gelser for pushing back against this abuse.

It is the responsibility of adults to protect children. As adults we can take care of ourselves with help if we need it. Children, however depend on adults. I know we adults suffer and have mental issues, PTSD, etc. but it is our job to protect children. Our government has a very big hand in victimizing adults and children around the globe. Whatever you want to call universal justice: God, karma, Krishna, the day of atonement is coming. Our country, including innocents, will pay. We haven’t cared two shits about the innocents we have killed or blown up and that will come back to haunt us and, guess what? We deserve whatever we get for complacency as a nation.

My daughter’s body gave up once at the age of 4.
While taking her to the doctor she stopped breathing and turned blue.
The pediatrician laughed at my face when I tried to explain the emotional abuse from her mother.

She is still alive, but blames everything on me.
She is in so much pain, and it is hurting her physically.
She criminalized everything I said for the two years I had contact.

There is also a war in every family that needs to be talked about.