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Children Pay the Highest Price in Global Refugee Crisis


Children Pay the Highest Price in Global Refugee Crisis

César Chelala

The world is witness to a rapid increase in the number of people forced to flee from wars, conflict and persecution in countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It is estimated that approximately half of the 19.5 million registered refugees at a global level are children and youth. They are the most vulnerable victims of these conflicts.


Patriarchy and especially patriarchal capitalism care NOTHING for the world's children.

(On prior occasions I linked the status of so many of the world's children to the fate of those children sired by Cronus... the old god who would rather destroy his offspring, the next generation, than cede power over to them during his waning years.)

Imagine if people like Jill Stein, Vandana Shiva, Bianca Jagger and other dynamic women leaders were the ones calling the shots!

Under the banners of Defense and Security, billions upon billions of dollars are being wasted on destroying human lives... and as Mr. Chelala explains, a good percentage of those happen to be children!

It's insane!

And I'd wager that the uptick in Polio rates has more to do with the fact that refugees don't often have access to clean drinking water or bathing (or toilet) facilities... and exposure to tainted water will quickly wear down any immune system under stress.

What a calamity has been unleashed due to the world's warriors taking over and due to their own focus on war, weapons, and killing. They have unleashed an epidemic of depraved indifference to life... and opened the gates to Hell!

And all those church-goers who support these foreign invasions that have directly undermined the lives of all these families--including pregnant women--shame on you! This is NOT what Jesus would do... or endorse!