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Christopher Brauchli

Suffer little children to come unto me. . . .
—Gospel according to St. Luke


Humans without Borders... We are all of one human family--this Truth is known only by the Advanced Ones.
Let us protect all of our human children- whether they be in South America- Flint MI or in the area devastated by Fukishima.
They will all grow up to be of the one Human family.


I find it moving when Mr. Brauchli focuses on the fate of children while Caesar Chelala focuses on that of women, worldwide.

If Mr. Brauchli had the column space, he could easily extend this argument to 3 more major groups of children under threat:

First, how about all those children seeking to escape the gang wars that replace prior agrarian communities. Farmers, wiped out by NATFA'S impact on Central American left and the resulting rural vacuums became nesting grounds for gangs who terrorize the children left behind. These kids risked their lives traveling on the tops of trains or working with "coyotes" in attempts to get to their parent(s) inside the U.S. and most were treated with ZERO compassion when reaching the U.S. border.

Second: There's now news that thousands of children are missing from European refugee camps and whatever protocols separated them from adult family members. It's believed that these kids have been rounded up by sex traffickers! Imagine the misery added to their existing trauma... that in seeking to escape war-torn lands, they end up being raped by adult males!

Third: The children living in nations torn apart by war have no basis for hope. They start life under threat of death, the shadow of drones, and often constant battles with starvation.

Add in the Flint water diminishing their brain capacities and this Zita phenomenon which seems engineered (due to the quick speed with which it's rendered so many genetic anomalies)... and for all the Christian Right's focus on unborn fetuses, the lives of living children are abysmal.

Where is the outrage?

Where is the impetus to improve the lives of REAL LIVING children?

The same morons who rail against abortion usually give 100% support to the policies that have led to so much suffering in so many children.

It's a moral indecency!


That's because those morons are pro-life until it leaves the birth canal !


What is the point of this article? Why equate a conscious act by cynical politicians with disease? The two are not the same. One happened and one WAS CAUSED and didn't have to happen.

BTW the quote is not that children should suffer ...what the hell is that crap? The quote could be translated as permitting or allowing someone under their control to do something (like allowing children to hear Jesus). It is an old fashioned way of speaking (KJV) that describes how an authority (like a parent) would 'suffer' to allow their charges permission to do something. that they themselves might have reservations about... not that children should suffer.

What is this muddled thinking and to what end is this piece aiming at anyway. At the very least it should have condemned the Flint officials who caused suffering needlessly. At the very least ...it shouldn't have let them escape condemnation for what they did.

The mosquitos can be forgiven for being mosquitos but the Governor and that emergency manager cannot be forgiven for the terrible crimes they have committed.


Brauchli sez: "A spokesman for the agency that manages state buildings said the bottled water was introduced after Flint failed to pass tests of water standards having nothing to do with lead in the water."

There, see? Using taxpayer money to ensure we get the good water had nothing to do with lead. Just some other, apparently meaningless, water standard failures.
Snyder and his peeps have blurred the distinction between taps in Flint sinks and Taps, the song.