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Children's Trafficking and Exploitation is a Persistent, Dreary Phenomenon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/14/childrens-trafficking-and-exploitation-persistent-dreary-phenomenon


I guess Epstein’s re-arrest is a step in the right direction, but I’ll reserve my jubilation, until the case shakes out. If history is an indicator, we wont learn much. But hey, Epstein’s nightly visits to a local jail for 13 months is a big leap from the past, with these cases. At least his victims didn’t go to prison while he walked, like the “Boys Town” incident in the 1980’s.
How rotten to the core is you’re system, when kids are abducted or manipulated, molested and sold by the ruling elite, the incidents recorded by “intelligence personnel” for blackmail purposes, and when it’s exposed, it’s swept under the rug and forgotten? What a country.
Quite frankly, a flamethrower should be used against all involved in these crimes against children, including the intelligence agencies.


That photo makes my tummy roil. You can read trump’s mind here, knowing his character then and now.

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Death by flamethrower would be a fitting prerequisite to where their souls are headed.

If you believe in that sort of thing.

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True, but it sure would be fitting if they arrived nice and crispy.

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Lumps of charcoal.


THIS is what the rise of the right brings –

Child Trafficking – Exploitation and Slave Labor –

To think that our highest officials are not involved in these crimes
would be naïve –

Criminals make sure that their crimes will be protected and not prosecuted
by buying officials.

And that’s what’s happening today with the buying of our government.

If you’ve seen SPOTLIGHT movie which reports the Boston Globe’s expose
of the RCC in 2002, you will note that the sexual abuse of children is protected
at the highest levels in the Vatican.