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Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador Lead On Decolonial Constitutional Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/26/chile-bolivia-el-salvador-lead-decolonial-constitutional-change

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Resource extraction Companies in Canada, the US and Western Europe, those very same “Colonial Powers” will not like this one bit. They feel it their inherent right to plunder foreign nations of their resources leaving behind polluted ecosystems .

Again watch for the media to start releasing negative reports on these Countries linking them to terrorism, electoral fraud, human rights violations and the like. Watch for sanctions to be declared to “protect human rights”.


Can we learn from our southern neighbors? NO, because we are the greatest military power in human history and are responsible for maintaining the empire of greatness!

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It might have been Eduardo Galeano who shared the age-old dark riddle:

Q: Why is it impossible to stage a coup in Washington D.C.?
A: Because there’s no US embassy there.