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'Chilling and Unprecedented': DHS Reauthorization Bill Would Let Trump Send Secret Service to Polling Places


'Chilling and Unprecedented': DHS Reauthorization Bill Would Let Trump Send Secret Service to Polling Places

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Civil rights advocates and top election officials are expressing alarm over a section in the Department of Homeland Security reauthorization bill that would allow the president to send Secret Service agents to polling places.

"Who in their right mind would give this vulgar talking yam this kind of power?" quipped Charles P. Pierce at Esquire.


Their biggest problem is going to staying out of the way of all the local party hacks and spooks who actually run (along w/ anonymous computer geeks) the (s)electoral process. Oh, aint ‘democracy’ in the U.S. grand?!


I get your point, but this is over the top alarming.


It’s to keep out minorities.


Could this be part of Trumps plan for stealing the election in 2020? Trump says his campaign slogan in 2020 may be : KEEP AMERICA STRONG but how about: KEEP AMERICA WRONG!


Why spooks and not just plain cops? There is a difference.

Direct Democracy


With every little twist and turn inside that swamp of a mind we loose a little bit more of sanity and our Republic. It gets scarier by the minute.


I think a pretty good percentage of Americans want a dictatorship. How else can you explain the enthusiasm at Trump rallies. They are cheering for someone presenting himself as a dictator. That is what is really alarming. The Republicans would never pass this stuff if they thought it didn’t have a lot of support from voters. There is no question there has been a massive effort to reduce voting by African Americans and to a great extent it has worked. The ID laws, the laws the bar past felons from voting, the lack of voting booths in certain neighborhood, etc. I thing more than 90% of African Americans vote Democratic. African Americans probably vote more consistently for one party than any other demographic group. So Republicans have a lot to gain by limiting their votes. And since their base is large white nationalists the Republican supporters are fine with this. The only way to stop is to vote Republicans out of office.The Republican Party is being transformed into a white nationalist party like those in Europe.


We need to have a plan of our own body guards to assist those who will be the targets. I would like to see local chapters of socialists, communists and the IWW show up and watch these goons. Also, on hand there needs to be volunteer lawyers.

We have gone from suppressing the counterfitting of US dollars to suppressing the vote.


Anyone know how many Secret Service agents there are? Don´t they comprise a secret state police agency? Does anyone know whose bidding they actually do? Are there so many that they can be stationed at polling places around the country without the president, the president´s family, and other high-up elected officials the Secret Service is popularly believed to protect being put at risk (unless, of course, the president happened to be JFK)?


See Greg Palast´s work on the fraud perpetrated in elections since 2000 to clear voter registration rolls of largely Democratic-leaning African-American and Latino voters. A much more serious problem, it appears to me, than so-called “fake news” are the fake elections which have resulted in fake presidents (specifically GWB and D(elirium)T(remens)), as well as quite a few fake senators and congresspeople.


Since I already think elections are jokes, this isn’t especially alarming to me. It’s just an extra punch line.

But if you’re a true believer still–somehow–this is pretty grim, because you know how it’ll be used.

So the Democrats will scream about it, it’ll pass, and the next time they take the white house, they;ll use this newfound intimidation tactic at every primary polling place the next time another ‘do-gooder’ tries to upset the corporate buffet table.

It’ll be fun!


Repeat after me: F-A-S-C-I-S-M!!!


Use mail-in ballots like Washington State!!!


isn’[t it our constitutional right to vote in private, My precinct has divisions so others can’t see my vote. Why should the govt be able to see who I vote for,. Ban this idea,.


This is well worth watching. We talk about U.S. but what has our country done over so many years in so many other countries around the world. Most people do not learn this in school and are ignorant on this subject.


It is less than 30% which means there are 70% of us who do not want a dictatorship. Time to move on by removing the fascists from our government as the rest of us move forward leaving the knuckle draggers behind.


I like that for a rear window panel. I’ll get the alligator board tomorrow,
Another one could be
Its 2020
And I still can’t see Trump


I agree. It is getting to the point that ALL vulnerable people, from voters, to people of color, to transgender people, to immigrants, need to be accompanied. We all need to be witnesses and protectors against right wing extremism, be it from the “government” or other fascist groups.


Is it fascism yet?

Is it fascism yet?