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'Chilling and Unprecedented': DHS Reauthorization Bill Would Let Trump Send Secret Service to Polling Places



The only thing you say that I’d quibble with is this: “The Republicans would never pass this stuff if they thought it didn’t have a lot of support from voters.” I’ve been thinking about the bills that have been passed for the last couple of years, from Obamacare (when the majority of people wanted universal healthcare) to the latest “tax reform” scam that passed a couple of months ago, to the gutting of environmental laws and Medicare, etc. and wondering why these sorts of things - things that are not just antagonistic to public wishes, but that actively harm the people - are getting passed into law. The conclusion I have come to is that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans much care about public opinion any longer. They just serve the wealthy, the coporatocracy, and the Pentagon - and damn the public. Aside from collecting the tax money from us, I really see no indication that either party gives a shit about “the voters”. And why should they? The two parties have a lock on the elections, they can suppress protestation easily, and short of revolting, what the hell are we going to do about it?

Notice how many Congress people have announced they are not running for re-election? They get a few steps further down the road to Ayn Rand feudalism with each congressional session, and having served their masters, one group steps off the stage to let the next wrecking crew come in to take it up another notch. And the group heading out the door is guaranteed lucrative jobs in Wall Street or with some big multinational company.


Steve, thank you, thank you, thank you! I, too, have been trying to warn people in my circle. I get the eye-rolling, or glazed eyes, or worst of all, the averted eyes. I started when the PATRIOT crap was passed…and here we are…military parade coming up…Sieg heil…(people want to protest the parade with demonstrations or a peace parade…I think folks are getting inured to the demonstrations, so I suggested that we protestors DO attend the parade and stand in Sieg heil salutes…don’t you think that would shake some people loose who aren’t getting it yet? However, I’ll do all I can to fight having the damn parade happen to begin with.)

In truth, I don’t know what to do now. Thomas Homan IS the SS inside and outside of his miserable subhuman organism, and he has the vile ICE “just following orders.” The Congress has no conscience and even less spine…and a huge militarized LE ready to roll. Ad nauseam…

Thanks, my friend😥


“It took a war…”
That is exactly why people talking about overpopulation leaves me so uncomfortable.


I wonder how many SS troops, I mean agents, rump thinks he has.
There’s a lot of polling stations out there.
This article didn’t elucidate on why rump would want to place intimidation agents at polling stations.
I’d like to know what rump thinks he has to fear.


Why is this a surprising revelation? You think for one minute that they haven’t been at voting stations before? It is common in tinpot dictatorships and most 3rd world countries to have the government thugs show a presence. Having the Homeland Security ones there in an openly declared state is no different. It will guarantee voter suppression and that is the idea.


I am the elected Election Judge in my precinct and I would have the police remove any Secret Service people standing around as being “intimidating presences” and not suitable for the free casting of ballots. The only way I would allow Secret Service people in the vicinity of the polling place would be if they were authorized voters in the precinct or designated poll watchers by a particular party.


So many parallels to Nazi Germany in the 1930’s! I was also told by an older woman many years ago, that lived in Nazi Germany, that Hitler did give Germany a high standard of living for awhile. And one reason she said was that if you wanted a good job you needed to belong to the Nazi party.


I’m torn on this one. My guess is that the original ban on federal officers was an anti-civil-rights measure. Historically, federal troops had been used to protect African-Americans at the polls from groups like the Klan. The ban was probably born in hostility to African-American voting. That civil rights groups are protesting the possibility of having the feds at the polls shows how twisted things have become.

Ultimately, the problem is not with federal officers at the polls, but with who is now in charge of the federal officers. If it was President Grant, we would want the feds at the polls for sure. Not so much with Trump.


I agree. Also, religions aren’t necessarily homogenous and there are competing (decent) forces within many of them.


Don’t forget the doughnuts!


They’re for the early shifters. By-the-way, we’re short on Dunkin’ Donuts (my favorite health food) in the Midwest. I used to think Krispy Kremes were the worst, but Tim Horton’s takes the cake (ahem).


Hi Drone,

Not all of us are ‘true believers’ of course but that will not stop us from fighting these fascists anyway we can.

If the elections are a fraud, as many of us would agree, it is because the system is a fraud–the entire political economic system or capitalism. For me, I just detest a bully with power to harm others.


Recon, their aim is to intimidate but ours is to give the potential votes even a modicum of ‘security’ especially if they might think we would be willing to get our own asses kicked or arrested.


Tom –

Certainly the members do not dictate the behavior of the RCC – and never have.

My comments are in regard to those who do control the RCC and its Edicts, its rules, regulations and decision making of this male-dominated religion which continues to bar females from ritual and authority within the church and which continues to preach the “inferiority” of females.

And in regard to the sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests this becomes very clear when the “pay-outs” for silence and legal fees were being made somewhat public and were being covered by selling off church property. Members began to demand financial accountability and local control. Don’t
know if they ever got it in any parish, but as I recall, I think the Vatican also borrowed $1 billion from Opus Dei which the CIA Pope reinstated.

And I think you know where my criticism falls – and always does fall – with Elites.

I don’t think much of the Matt Damon or Trump rule that insists that there are good men everywhere that must be acknowledged at the same time that the evil are called out. And Biden’s use of that remedy in the Clarence Thomas Hearings certainly confused the public as to what was going on where a dozen or more women from the EEOC were presented to testify before the Senate that they had NOT been sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas. We continue to be reminded of that alleged rule, however, stumbling over it.

Similarly, we see constant attempts to blame the American voters for the leadership we are suffering here while it is very clear that Elites only allow candidates to run who will serve their needs, slavishly. And that Elites/corporations have total control over our elections.


Tea Partier, perhaps? Personally, I don’t think this nation ever was a true democracy with its elitist system and racism. Also, to have an effective democracy you need a civilized and educated people. Perhaps, then, this would be another way to abolish the necessity of government. Just maybe…


What is even MORE troubling, is what ‘sane progressive’ said in one of her videos. And that is that DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has now been given control of our elections. I don’t remember which video it was, or what her evidence for this is, but it is very chilling!! It might be in this one:

Ok, now I see some relevant links under a video that is linked to from above video:


Well said Teri


Yea, Jerry, we need more like you.


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone, I can’t wait until the government federalizes right wingers to be with anyone who votes and photographs each and every ballot!!!


Hello JanisRose, Once the ballot leaves your possession you have no idea what will occur!!! It could be counted properly, modified in the electronic circuits, destroyed as an invalid ballot, etc!!!