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Chilling Effects of the Ashley Madison Scarlet Letter


Chilling Effects of the Ashley Madison Scarlet Letter

Jake Laperruque

It’s been a little over a week since massive amounts of data from the popular cheating website, Ashley Madison, were published online. Impact Team, the group behind the breach, released everything from email and home addresses of Ashley Madison’s users to their credit card and bank account information. Not surprisingly, the consequences were brutal.


The cynicism I feel is the product of very real events. Having said that, could Big Brother's very own I.T. trained employees have created this breach for the express purpose of demonstrating--as do so many drones and satellites "keeping watch" on a worldwide scale--that there IS no place that's safe from surveillance; that the idea of privacy itself is no longer tenable? Consider the implications.

In so many arenas of our lives, we are being conditioned by The Controllers (1% and their legions of little Eichmann assistants) to see decimations to all previously-guaranteed Civil Liberties as the new norm, along with a pervasive collective sense of "lowered expectations." The latter quantifies everything from salaries, to public assets formerly part of a widely shared "commons," to redress before courts that take justice seriously. My all too real experience is that mostly they push paper and fulfill empty minuets of protocols. NOTHING else is accomplished.


How disgusting can you get? When you're not playing advocate for nuclear power on today's Robert Reich thread you push the right wing Republican frame that treats any SHARING of wealth with everyday people as "mooching off of others' creativity," and here you have the nerve to turn the sickening surveillance of citizens into "their own fault for not realizing risks."

Go back to Rush Limbaugh and company. Who the hell wants to hear right wing Talking Points on this Progressive site!


And you act as sidekick playing this matter down.

And your sexism in other threads is over the top. Few males have a lower consciousness than you.


I was wondering when you'd revert back to the "original Dubet" whose many posts mused about smoking pot, hanging around naked, and if memory serves me well, "servicing" multiple women.

Appears that you are advertising... your member (of the club).


I wonder how many politicians in Washington have accounts with porn sites...lol...That would be an interesting piece of news..If someone hacked them sites whew you would see new legislation coming up quick...Especially if you found members of government who where vocal opponents of gay sex or sex out of marriage and yet there they are with active accounts lol......That would be wonderful to see how many hypocrites we had making our laws....The pillars of the community closet porn addicts...They would probably claim it is some kind of research lol..The do as I say crowd not as I do..


For ordinary people it is not so much a big deal about hackers but all them important big wig elites lol...Love it..