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'Chilling': Erik Prince Recruited Ex-Spies to Help Project Veritas Infiltrate Groups 'Hostile' to Trump Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/07/chilling-erik-prince-recruited-ex-spies-help-project-veritas-infiltrate-groups


Let’s face it. What we were told was “politics” when we were children was none other than war, class war. Has been for millennia. The battles are not fought on terra firma as such, but in the hearts and minds of those to be divided and conquered by multiple means: distraction, isms, gender, faith, rural vs. urban, etc. Erik Prince is just a mercenary. Expect no less than this type of shit from him. He would do anything for money and surely has done just that! He is my enemy!


Prince of darkness must rot in prison in darkness for his bestiality and egregious crimes against humanity.


A bullet sufficient for ending an individual can be bought for a quarter or less. Prince has bought billions of them. Why is he still a problem after all this time…


Erik Prince and Betsy DeVos–the heirs of Amway. Life-long scam artists; greed-driven, lying scum of the earth. Exactly why the class war should become a hot war. Until it does, we just keep bending over.


Some things never change. Like the spooks that infiltrate the movement.


these people are infantile clowns. it’s hard to believe anyone can get riled up over a moron like O’Queef (fight juvenile with juvenile, I always say!)

i’d be cracking up if I busted one of these idiotic frat boys playing James Bond–poorly.

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Gee, if they work for Erik Prince to infiltrate, where does the ex in ex-spies come from?


We’ve truly crossed the Rubicon into the world of really scary shit.


Don’t forget that both of these scumbags regard themselves as ardent “Christians”. In fact, they are the antithesis of what their supposed “Savior” was teaching. The hypocrisy is staggering.


Hell, The Democrat Party has been running ex-spies for office

Jimmy Dore Show: Dozens Of CIA Agents Running As Democrats In 2018 Elections


I have to self-censor so I won’t get in trouble but I am sure glad to have an appointment at my usual firing range tomorrow to practice self defense. I know exactly what I’m gonna be thinking about…


That slimeball, his organization, and his family are OUR enemy! So’s his Big Boss.


Oh how could it be? Oh no, why that might even mean that there were plants even here on CD telling progressives to be pure and not to vote in the duopoly. Oh say it ain’t so! Better to not vote than LOTE even if it does help Trump. Oh gosh oh gee, how could it be?


They are children and need healed .

Wow! How someone could be so clueless or willfully blind amazes me! No wonder trump said he could shoot someone of 5th Avenue and not lose anyone from his base. Looks like we just found one such Brainwashed product. I pity those who have been completely fooled by a life-long conman. This illiterate criticized Obama back in 2012 for changing Chiefs of Staff 3 times in 3 years and yet he’s on his 4th! BUT, the more important this is that he says “3 Chief of Staffs” in stead of "Chiefs of Staff.’ This guy is an illiterate, dumb buffoon. FYI, The “Other” side did NOT use the FBI (remember the FBI was ONE f the reasons Hillary lost). Any idiot can deduce from that alone that the FBI was NOT in the Dems pocket. You guys just LAP UP Trump’s BS which is plain for any sane person to see, but Trumpsters can’t. What does that say about Trumpists?


You mean like Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush’s as well?
So, in your world two wrongs make a right? Duly noted
Fucking idiot


Anyone who still believes the Republicans are interested in the well-being of America and its ideals are delusional.

Republicans’ only interests are money and the power which comes with it in the broken American pseudo-democracy. That’s why the congressional republicans vote, not with their oaths of office in mind, but rather their loyalty to party interests (again, money and power).

They use tools like Erik Prince as a means to their filthy ends.


If Jesus was to come to them in disguise and try to explain to them the meaning of true Christianity they would quickly have Him killed. Jesus and His message of universal unconditional love would be beyond their comprehension. Regarding Heaven and salvation hey are adherents of something in their faith called, “predestination”.

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Veritas = The White Helmets of America. A fake, false flag gang poisoning the minds of the feeble.

Erik The Prince of Mercenaries (called ‘contractors’ by the US Military) are all over the world. Guarding despots on behalf of the US, stealing oil from Iraq and Syria and now forming their own air force. They have some planes, negotiating with Austria to buy their old F16 fleet?
Mercenaries are handy for the US Military. Make up as much as 25%. When one of the ‘contractors’ gets killed … it is not not counted.