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'Chilling' New Rule Allows DHS to Monitor All Immigrants' Social Media Activity


'Chilling' New Rule Allows DHS to Monitor All Immigrants' Social Media Activity

Julia Conley, staff writer

Freedom of speech advocates are calling a new Department of Homeland Security rule "chilling," as the department will begin collecting social media communications and data of all immigrants.

The rule, added last week to the Privacy Act of 1974, would allow the DHS to gather "social media handles, aliases, associated identifiable information, and search results" of people with immigration files, as well as "publicly available information from the internet."


Unbelievable. There are so many issues here, not just one. To start with, a naturalized citizen, is less of a citizen? I am not going over the rest of them, but statistically speaking 14% of the US population is foreign born - so 50 million people will be under declared surveillance that captures what they say and what they publish on a daily basis? The depth and the magnitude of this is astounding. Unless I am misreading or misunderstanding it.


No, I think you read and understood with perfect clarity. It’s also safe to assume that the scope of this fishing expedition won’t be limited to the foreign-born for very much longer.


It will probably be extended. This sounds like an attempt to suggest that anyone who is not a Trump supporter is suspected of being unpatriotic. I see it as another small step toward fascism. It could eventually include people not standing for the national anthem, people opposing any US war involvement, people who belong to any organization on the left, people who have criticized Trump in letters to the editor, anyone who isn’t a white Christian, etc. I would assume this rule will be challenged in court.


Curious … I expected our Nazi rulers were already doing that to everyone, everywhere ?!


Anyone who communicates with immigrates on social media will also be affected? Maybe it is time to go back to communicating with your good old fashion United States Postal Service’s parcels, and letters. USPS mail tampering is still a federal offense, for now.


I have so many friends who are either immigrants under work visas or naturalized citizens. To think that just saying hi or cooing over their new baby via Facebook is going to be monitored by some creepy young man or woman with a god complex somewhere is gross.


Pretty ineffective, considering that two of the worst offenders in the last 10 years were US citizens. Holding Top Secret clearances no less. Typical government inefficiency.


DHS=Gestapo=DHS=Gestapo=ICE…we’ve seen this movie before! It doesn’t end well.


You see the move as “another small step TOWARD fascism”, while I see it as still another step DEEPER INTO fascism. It is already here, and growing more malignant by the day.


What country you people been living within for last 40 years?
Any one ever hear of the Super Bitch computer that already monitors not just puters but all telecommunications within US and many othernayions as well? It is in that bastion of CIA homeland Mormon owned UTAH.
Before Big Bitch, Mormon National guard were interpreters for US Intel agencies because of the Churches sending their "missionary youth on two year sabaticals to just about every nation on earth; Hence thei knowledge of foreign languages,
At that time it was done upon all Americans as many even 2nd or3rd generations still spoke native tongues.
Great f’n excuse to legalize their already in place privacy invasion by Big Bitch
That UTAH unit uses so much water daily that gov pays off nearby agriculture and small towns
To not gripe about it.
Before Cheney presidency US hired Israel, Spain. Australia and Great Britian to monitor aUS telecommunicationsas back then,Before Patriot Act , It was "illegal for those US Intel to monitor without search warrants.


Well, you know your best reply to yourself, right? “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out----because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the…” Thank you, Revend Niemöller. Americans had better get their heads out of their backsides…because fascism is here, and Nazism is boldly walkin’ in the doors and climbin’ in the windows in broad sight and almost nary a word…


Next, it will be anyone charged with a ‘drug offense’ (aka-- I did not buy the poison from big Pharma)


Especially since so many of these creepy young (and not so young) techies seem incapable of independent thought, and have no concept of “privacy”.