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China Blasts US for 'Brazen' Human Rights Abuses at Home and Abroad


China Blasts US for 'Brazen' Human Rights Abuses at Home and Abroad

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a report that covers everything from police violence to income inequality to government surveillance, China has blasted the United States for its "grim problems of racial discrimination," use of "cruel tortures indiscriminately," and "terrible human rights record."


Basically, anyone anywhere that impedes maximization of the US GDP is an enemy combatant, and we know what that means…


China’s human rights grievances echo what many US intellectuals (Chomsky, Hedges, Derrick Jensen etc), who have been de-platformed, have long stated, in particular, “money is a deciding factor in the U.S. politics, and the U.S. citizens’ political rights were not properly protected.” It also states that “minority groups and Indigenous people are subject to unfairness in environment, election, health care, housing, education and other fields.”


What ever the course as become for the rest of the world the US is not going to be invited…
All the past bull that the US as pulled is going to come piling back on in spades, the payment plan as begun! The US is doubling down knowing this and they will pull out all the stops in trying to continue to impose their will.
This is going to be nastier then usual, much nastier!


Hooray for the Chinese, talking back to the self-righteous, arrogant bully. Note how subdued their language is - typical of the Chinese to pull their punches. They could easily have blasted back at the hypocrite with much greater force.


It is undeniable that we are seeing the consequences of the centuries of dehumanization by the dominant powers in the US.

I take pause in noting the couching of identity in the Chinese statement of comparison “Human rights have long been a source of tension between the worlds two largest economies

Shared then is the dehumanized power identity inherent in the mega-industrial model also practiced by the BRICS. Notable are questions beginning to be posed among Brazilians regarding the Chinese dominance in that country in energy and mining. Situating the rhetorical stance as ‘economic’ casts a deep shadow over the very harsh human and ecological impacts elided by the distancing and dissociation from the profound ‘externalization of costs’ incurred by mega-scale economic COLONIZATION of which China is a major force. A means of ‘buying time’, sweeping the losses to hundreds of thousands of lives, biodiversity, societal balance and integrity to obtain advantage.

Though highlighting of the failings here on the international platform is valuable and important, there is yet another dimension in this. China is one of the largest importers of soy from Brazil, the ‘commodity’ for which the lands of indigenous peoples are denied, the monoculture farms hiring private militias to terrorize and enforce ongoing genocide of these peoples who face violence because the Brazilian government wants the trade.

As Sweet Honey in the Rock might ask: Are the hands of China’s economic powers clean? I would submit that no they are not - and furthermore provide cover in conflict at the level of industrial powers BEHIND the ostensible rhetoric of ‘governments’.


But, but, but… Freedom, but, but, but … Justice, but, but, but… Equality, but, but, but … Opportunity and, er… but, but, but …Leveling the playing field a little. " Alex, can I please have American Political Science Today for $1000 ? " " You certainly can, Dude, or should I call you The Dudester; anyway, here’s your ? " " In what state would you be in if you were looking for the statue of George Orwell in America ? " Definitely an altered one, man, but I’ll go with comatose. What is comatose?, Alex " " No. I’m sorry, Dude or Dudester, the correct answer is, you’d be lying in state. "


Hi, you’re right, China’s hands are far from clean, they are just as ruthless as their US counterparts or the UK before them. But the US publishes these same types of one-sided denunciation pieces about whoever they consider to be their enemy time after time without ever mentioning their own domestic and international immoral actions.

The Bankers and Billionaires Club’s Empire of Debt can only stay afloat as long as the yanquis’ petrodollar remains the world’s reserve currency. BRICS is challenging the order of things. The US and its lapdogs will do whatever they can to hold onto their entitled position.


Currently the US leads the world in prison incarceration. We house 25% of the worlds prison population but the US contains only 5% of the worlds population. So I’m not to sure the US should be blasting China’s human rights abuses.


Somewhat a case of the pot calling the kettle black and all. I would’ve preferred a more credible critic launched this attack–it’s completely true and valid–than China. This reminds me of the halcyon days of the Cold War when the US and USSR would exchange moral volleys on a regular basis–both nations largely speaking the truth about the other, but ending up looking to the world like base hypocrites. The USSR wasn’t ultimately helped by this, and neither will China be.

Personally, we really need to clean up our own mess here instead of hoping another country will do it for us. Anything we can do to bring the dragon back to defend its nest will help the rest of the world immensely.


Bully accuses bully of bullying, bully responds in kind.

Or - Tweedledum and Tweedledee point fingers at each other.


communism is the best ideology ever invented. proof is where? in the fact that almost all oligarchs and priests fear/hate that an ideology more than any other.
it is easy to understand why religions hate communism.
communism tries to equally feed, educate, heal people, etc. once people taste equality, they abandon priests who merely make ‘promises’.
but communists–tho rightly so–prevent people from speaking against just such an equality among people.

so, the ancient struggle between those who want the equality and those [mostly oligarchs/priests] who want inequality/enserfment to continue possibly forever!


Haha, the Chinese government is “appalled” at the US human rights abuses…Holy Cow! Next we would have Pol Pot lecturing us on the rights and dignity of the individual…If he was still around.


Communism does WHAT? One question, if it is so wonderful, why do they try to kill you if you want to leave? (Communist countries that is)


Thank you Old Goat. That also needed to be said.


Most systems of government seem to work for all the people when all the people are the government.

Direct Democracy


Soy is less damaging to the environment than beef. Be glad the Chinese eat more tofu than beef. The whole world should eat more tofu and less animal food.


You are so wrong. Rape is rare in China, not so rare here. They have every right to lecture the U.S. on human rights. Freedom from rape is a basic human right and the Chinese are ahead of us on that score. Americans who scoff at the Chinese human rights record are arrogant and ignorant.


You remind me of my own definition of “exceptionalism”… except for _____ (choose a litany from any list of documented cases of corruption to fill in the blank)


much of the soy imported from Brazil is as animal fodder