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China Calls On U.S. to Stop Threats and Resume Dialogue with North Korea


China Calls On U.S. to Stop Threats and Resume Dialogue with North Korea

Julia Conley, staff writer

Chinese officials urged the Trump administration on Friday to halt its threats of military action against North Korea and rejected the notion, pushed by the president in recent weeks, that China is responsible for helping to resolve escalating tensions with military threats of its own.


If " now is not the right time to talk to N.K", may I ask: when will it be the right time to talk to N.K.?


The Chinese spoke wisely. Too bad we don’t have that kind of diplomatic skill.


Precisely my thoughts. “Those who tied the knots are responsible for untying [them]”! Thanks lady!


Dear TrumpCo,
*Please read this, or if that is impossible, have somebody read it to you.
*If you Google the word, "Diplomacy," you will find several thousand hits.

noun: diplomacy

*The profession, activity, or skill of managing international relations, typically by a country’s representatives abroad.
*“the government should assign an ambassador-at-large to oversee diplomacy in the region”
*synonyms: statesmanship, statecraft, negotiation(s), discussion(s), talks, dialogue; More
international relations, foreign affairs
"diplomacy failed to win them independence"
the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way.
“his genius for tact and diplomacy"
synonyms: tact, tactfulness, sensitivity, discretion, subtlety, finesse, delicacy, savoir faire, politeness, thoughtfulness, care, judiciousness, prudence
"Jack’s quiet diplomacy”

late 18th century: from French diplomatie, from diplomatique ‘diplomatic,’ on the pattern of aristocratie ‘aristocracy.’
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Translations, word origin, and more definitions


China is much older, like 4 thousand years. If the US is still around in another four thousand years it should be interesting.


I’m not a fan of the Trump administration, I’m even less a fan of China; its economic modal, its politics, its treatment of its citizens. North Korea is a Chinese surrogate. North Korea would stop any belligerent behavior in a second if either Russia or China said stop. This an attempt By Putin and his Chinese counter parts to destabilize any and all Democracy of the world and it is working beautifully. We have so dumbed down democracies of the globe with our addiction to “free market” myth at all cost, we have essentially created a (Stepford Wives, Fahrenheit 451) moment). Is this where all Democracies go to die?


It is not China’s responsibility to straighten out the mess the US created and keeps on exacerbating with a continuous series of threats and refusal to talk


The reification we call China is much older, just as you say. But I suspect that new generations everywhere tend to repeat the mistakes of previous generations. After Viet Nam we said “never again”, but that sure was spitting in the wind, wasn’t it? What each generation “learns” may go to the grave with the decease of that generation?


The blame has to go back to the for lack of a better word “fools” who voted for Trump. How could one possibly support putting that ignorant unstable narcissist in charge of United States foreign policy? Don’t Trump voters care about their country at all? Probably many don’t and would rather live in a theocracy or in a white nationalist fascist state. There isn’t much anyone can do until that guy is out of office. Hopefully he won’t start a nuclear war before he leaves.


What do you know about China?
While no shining light of democracy, it has continuously increased the prosperity of its people, not only that, but also the prosperity and the well being of the population in counties it deals with.
A quick response to how it “deals with its people”
Rate of incarceration /100,000 pop:
China: 164
US: 695
See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_incarceration_rate
China is involved in design, planning and construction of school, dam and infrastructure projects in 36 sub-Saharan African countries.
China is as well assisting in planning design as well as financing of high speed rail projects in Africa and South America, all in addition of forging a solid economic cohesion of the whole Eurasian continent though their OBOR project, which Bloomberg calls the ‘equivalent of 9 Marshall Plans’.
What has the US to show for, to compare? - More than 100 overseas military bases!
China has one of those… Russia has 3

China builds, while the US destroys and kills with a never ending succession of undeclared wars, just to fill the pockets of the movers and shakers of the military/industrial complex.


I think that speaks to continuity or cultural continuity. In Southeast Asia the Viet Nam War is still a conflict and while it is still a lesson here it doesn’t mean everyone gets the same understanding. I think it continues to influence even if only from an anthropological perspective.


Bullies don’t do diplomacy.


" His genius for tact and diplomacy."
Trump has absolutely no savoir faire’… but of course! The perfect leader for a military dictatorship!


Kim Jong-un is the prefect nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not only does he have a lot less blood on his hands than previous winners like Obama and Kissinger, but he has done more than anyone in recent memory to bring the issue of these immoral nuclear weapons to the forefront of discussion.


And herein is the problem: Trump is no aristocrat.


I disagree. Their quaint saying doesn’t absolve them of their knot tying when 500,000 of their soldiers flooded over the border when we almost kicked N Korea’s ass last time. If it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t be in the stalemate situation we are in currently. If we go back to kick their ass once and for all so they’ll leave the southern Korean state alone, will China be OK with that? Untie your own knot first there China, since you were the last one to add your own knot to the problem! Or China, should we just take our army and go home believing you and your crony neighboring state will both leave the S. Korean state to their own livelihoods and won’t take over the south and steal their technology?
Responsibility for untying knots belongs to the Chinese as well, and it is right and proper for us to determine their intentions and motives before we can amicably settle accounts there. So much for helping rid them of their Japanese masters in WWII, and giving them all kinds of technology.


An interesting take on the situation. It is getting so that we all will need a nuclear bomb.


American foreign relations tend to repeat themselves because the Americans in charge are corrupt. A side effect of a kleptocracy is having a so plug-ugly stupid government.

Once upon a time, the United States invented the A-bomb and tested it on cities full of people. The Soviet Union suddenly became desperate. The writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was not killed because he randomly checked off that he was a nuclear physicist, and the USSR was desperate for such people.

The only secret of the A-bomb was whether it worked. The USSR saw that it worked. So, they built one. Then the U.S.A. threatened the USSR with invasion for a decade, with a so-called “Sunday punch”. The threats didn’t work.

The USSR went on to re-invent the H-bomb. The big H-bomb secret is that deuterium and tritium is available in ocean water, and it can be purified and separated partly through simple evaporation. Simply putting the deuterium and tritium next to the A-bomb does the job a little bit, although the art and science can be greatly refined. So, the USSR tested a big 50 megaton H-bomb and then the scientists said no, we’re getting massive radiation blowback, stop!

At the end of 1962 we had a Cuban missile crisis. The US decided that it could stop Russian ships and turn them back with impunity. A USSR sub almost took out a US destroyer with an A-bomb, but the sub captain refused his orders to fire. Both sides thought about the arcane rules that they attached to their game of Russian roulette, and we haven’t had a million deaths since.

North Korea was bombed flat by the US in 1950. I subscribe to the view that the North Korean “invasion” of South Korea was manufactured by US Republican-based gold mining interests who knew what they wanted.

As North Korea sees it, after they give up the bomb they shall certainly be conquered. If they don’t give up the bomb or the missiles then they shall never, ever be conquered by the United States. The U.S. government is lying, as is their right, when they claim the exact opposite is true. So, the US can come back and talk when they’ve given up the thick baloney.

North Korea’s dictator is pretty run-of-the-mill as dictators go. He was educated in the U.S. Should we perhaps talk to him?

On second thought, President Kim is still a Chicago Bulls fan. Go ahead and push the button.


Besides his fat issues, why doesn’t Trump like Kim?