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China Is Flooding the Middle East With Cheap Drones


China Is Flooding the Middle East With Cheap Drones

Jakob Reimann

The last great revolution on the world’s battlefields began with the advent of the drone era.

Particularly in the Middle East, the drone became the symbol of the U.S. empire operating in a legal vacuum. In the first decade and a half of the “War on Terror,” the U.S. still had a virtual monopoly on the risk-free execution from thousands of meters above — but once the genie is out of the bottle, every attempt to squeeze it back in is notoriously doomed to failure.



Well if China didn’t do it, then we’d have to!



Reimann sez:
"… Trump’s State Department published a new export policy in April 2018: ‘We will remove barriers to the global [drone] market and avoid ceding export opportunities to competitors where such self-imposed restrictions are unwarranted.’”

Whew, thank goodness. Far better the profits from raining indiscriminate death from the sky accrue to U.S. firms than to those from China.



The US military budget is huge. Yet China leapfrogs past us in armed drone production.

And in a decade or so, they’ll leapfrog past us into the number one GDP position.

And by then, climate chaos will make it all seem so meaningless…



Cheaper than other leading drone manufacturers with performance as good or even better than the competition. Now let’s just imagine Iran trading petroleum for drones and then giving them to the revolutionary guard, Hezbollah, and Quds forces, who then use them to rain down destruction of military forces in the gulf as well as on the civilian population in Israel. Who is going to be able to confront such conduct in light of their own record of using these very weapons in exactly that way.

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It should be noted that any use of a drone (dropping bombs) is an act of terrorism. I would prefer if the articles were written with this in mind. Something like this would be more appropriate…
“While the U.S. and Israel have dominated the market in recent years in killing civilians with drone technology, the Chinese have been quick to capitalize on assassination drones as well. As more and more countries admire the American method of murdering people abroad without the usual respect for national sovereignty or human rights, governments around the globe are following the American example. Terrorism should not be confined to individuals willing to strap explosives to themselves and then blowing up at some wedding or funeral, when a perfectly lethal drone made-in-China can do the same job without the loss of the terrorists’ life. Naturally the only fear here is that foreign drone terrorists could use their lethal drones on American or Israeli terrorists and this is where the conundrum lies.”
It should be noted that when Eisenhower became President, the U.S. had 300 nuclear weapons. At the end of Eisenhower presidency, the U.S. had stockpiled over 30,000 nuclear weapons… and this occurred with the same President who warned us about the growing threat of the military industrial complex! Imagine how many killer drones will be out there in eight years time!



V"According to records by world-famous NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, by 2010 alone “Chinese hackers had conducted more than 30,000 cyber attacks” on Pentagon computer networks …"

Ah, the meme about data theft by Beijing again. Interestingly, I couldn’t access the source printed in blue here.

“there is no final proof that data on drones were skimmed off too”

The “too” assumes that other charges, which aren’t given, are true.

“Asia Times quotes then NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander”

So the “quote” by an NSA director is synonymous with credibility.

“while military experts and analysts largely share this view.”

So who are they? similarly credible source like above?"

Nevertheless, it’s good to see Snowden described as an NSA whistleblower. One should also remember, then, that Snowdon has also revealed that American intelligences had hacked in Chinese cybernetworks too, in Shenzen and presumably other places. More important, since the writer is seemingly an admirer of Snowdon, he should, at the very least, join all of us in CD to call for a free pardon for whatever crimes manufactured against Snowdon.

Lastly, in our largely unethical world, all kinds of spying among nations is a given, whether it’s China, Russia, or the US doing it. So far, however, it’s only the US that is known for spying on its own allies as well. Sad.

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And in America—just about anybody can own a recreational drone , with a camera too, and register it for only $5. Wow, and already these drones have flown drugs over prison walls and gosh even droned their neighbors too. The first drone accident in America in CA happened when a drone fell out of the sky and fell on a tiny baby’s head as she rode in her stroller-------so just imagine for $50, and a $5 registration fee, you too can attack your neighbors ------or fly into their face -----or harass them and run them to death. Wow, just everybody of every income level can have a drone and even Amazon was thinking of their delivery drones. Sigh----------I wonder what the world will be like when all of the birds have been droned to death----but then, this is AMERICA ----------where profit has always been more important than any kind of life. : (



You mention China and I think of conquest. The world powers made mince pie out of Antarctica with every country claiming a piece.
So what is happening on the moon, Mars, Venus, and maybe a Jupiter moon or two?
Territorial chess? Or slice em and dice em? Real Estate developer heaven?
When the artillery pieces are in place, commence firing.

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Well, surprise, surprise.

There was to be no blowback for this policy of encirclement of China and Russia, no blowback for this policy of exclusion of most of the world–perhaps since that would have facilitated selling the policy to any fence-sitters, I suppose.

The US has managed to make it in China’s interest to see that very many countries have military drones. That is a reasonable step towards avoiding an American monopoly, if an unfortunate one.

At what point do we have a Second Amendment movement for ownership of drones, I wonder. It is not as though China were a particularly more natural enemy of the US government than are its citizens.

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Gonna lay down my burdens
Down by the riverside.
I aint gonna study war no more.

This arrticle is drone-baiting. They are doing it! We better catch up *]℅™¥π÷׶!!!

What about: We need to stop. Then everyone will stop.



The author seems to be suggesting that the Western powers do not hack and that only Western Countries like the USA are capable of developing this technology or others like it.

The USA with regularity accesses Russian technology either directly or through hacking , trying to learn the capabilities or copy the technologies. They were spying on Canada as example when Canada tried to build the Avro fighter leaning on the Canadian Government to stop the program as it deemed a threat to the US export market.

Supermarket shelves are full of Chinese goods. Economists rave about how this good for the economy as it allows consumers to buy products they otherwise not afford. The same “benefits” apparently do not apply to the Arms industry which wants to have no competitors for its 135 million dollar per copy F-35’s and which does not like the fact that a cheap drone can do the same job.

See, this is what really terrifies the west. They speak of the “free market” but what they really want is a captive market as under auspices of the “free market” other countries can design and build instruments of death more cheaply. The fact that Countries the world over line up to buy this stuff, be it from The USA or France, From Russia or China , only demonstrates how pervasive Militarism and the embrace of violence has become. This , along with Climate change , is exactly what all those migrants and poor people the world over try and escape.

The world the 1 percent has created is a hell on earth , so lets recognize it not China, or Russia or Venezuela , or even the devil behind this. It is that 1 percent and it is economic systems that are built around the dominator model. The champion of this 1 percent is the United States of America, its military and its allies.

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I can’t help wondering which scenario is more likely:

  • China hacked the drone blueprints because some dingdong left them on an unsecured computer

  • The blueprints were leaked to China from someone in the US or a country the US had been handing them out to

  • The drone that was shot down in the Middle East (was there more than one?) was captured and reverse engineered

  • Drone technology is not rocket science, so to speak, and China invented their own, perhaps inspired by publicly available information on how they work

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China gives Chinese manufacturing priority access to their rare earths, and China has a virtual world monopoly on rare earths. So defense contractors have obtained waivers to allow them to build their parts in China to ensure a reliable supply of rare earths. (And bonus, by having China do the manufacturing, defense contractors can shed costly American labor and they don’t have to contend with American environmental and safety regulations.) We literally have handed the Chinese the blueprints to some of our most advanced weapons systems.

youtube (dot) com/watch?v=lxwF93wnRQo

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