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China Is Not the Source of Our Economic Problems—Corporate Greed Is

The standard of living for the average Chinese has risen profoundly over the last fifty years, and continues to rise. The US standard of living is falling.
The worst work factory work experience I have heard of in decades anywhere is in the Amazon factory here in Sichuan. Evidently their model for grinding work out of employees in the US is over here in China also…
Through my work and my husband’s work in heavy industry over twenty-eight years, I learned that many Americans in the corporate world are involved in corporate theft. The marketing guy might change jobs and take his client list with him. Formulas go off to the competition. We were honest. Some were not. This was within the US. Of course I would expect it could go abroad also. But I think the biggest transfer of technology overseas has been legally by the operation of foreign companies abroad.

Pollution? When I think of pollution, I think of Brownsville, Texas; the state of Delaware; Mobile, Alabama; Brunswick, Georgia. This type of pollution exists in China much more, sadly. They burn coal more, too. :(((( But overall the carbon burden is still less than the US due to the high usage of train, bus, metro, bike, electric vehicles, and well-planned urban environments which enable walk-to-shop. Most apartment buidlings have a pharmacy, doctors office, grocery, and hardware store nearby.

They only tested for clinical psychopaths, not secondary psychopaths or sociopaths. If they had the number would likely be a lot higher.

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Check out ranking of countries on reading, math, science , geography. The US students rank very low in all subjects.


The exchange rate between the US and China is tricky.

  1. Food prices in China are kept very low. For instance, one RMB buys you a handful of greens, two serving. Maybe it would cost $2 in the US. And the exchange rate is 6.5 RMB to $1. So food is damn cheap in China. Other food products are similar, though my Coke at 3RMB is about $2-3 in the US.
  2. Taxes on sales and property–none.
  3. Income tax, I’m not sure, but much less than the US.
  4. Small town rent, 400RMB per month for an equivalent size town and apartment in the US it would be $700 per month.
  5. Doctors? Immediate service and consult is free or maybe 10-20RMB. Just expect to have a roomful of patients watching! :slight_smile:
    Compare cost of living for yourself.

I’d put money on that

I read a fascinating book about Chinese contributions to the world. They are quite literally endless.
The Man Who loved China


It’s terribly sad that the U.S. mass of citizenry is so isolated that corporate and state propaganda, combined with the purposeful federal dumbing-down of education, have resulted in this third world “Land of the Ignorance”…

I buy tools here in China, plastic, rubber, no strange smells. No products I buy, and no stores I go to here smell like formaldehyde. I have been to those stores you are talking about and i understand this problem. I suggest this smell you are dealing with is limited to Harbor products.