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China Lodges Diplomatic Complaint After Trump Calls Taiwan


China Lodges Diplomatic Complaint After Trump Calls Taiwan

Nika Knight, staff writer

China lodged a diplomatic protest Saturday against President-elect Donald Trump, after Trump spoke on the phone Friday with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen.

Trump's 10-minute call with Taiwanese leadership marked the first contact between the U.S. and Taiwan's government since 1979, when President Jimmy Carter broke ties in order to preserve the relationship with mainland China, whose government views the democratically-ruled island as a rogue province.


Just in from Stephen Hawking - had to:

Yes - it seems off topic - but it's not.

Trump represents much of what Hawking addresses in this magnificent article - which is so "human".

I see Stephen has a new website, "Unlimited...", linked to at the bottom of the piece.

As for Trump, I haven't been able to listen to a President of the United States for sixteen years now without cringing, and I expect this to continue for a time.

Stephen Hawking, however, is worth listening to.


If Trump wants to concentrate on his far flung business he should not take the oath of office on Jan 20. He needs to finally decide whether it is going to be government or business soon. He can't do both at once,


"As for Trump, I haven't been able to listen to a President of the United States for sixteen years now without cringing, and I expect this to continue for a time."

Same for me, manysummits!

Nauseous with Bush, nauseous with Obama, add cringing to the nauseous with Trump. Better for my health to avoid watching these con artists drone on. Who would buy a used car from any of them?

"Many summits" is an appealing moniker; it reminds me of Thomas Merton's autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain: many summits in a human's life.


Yes he can. Yes he will. The Republican Party will bless his personal agenda as long as their reactionary and extreme political agenda is not challenged. This is " the spoils system " on a global scale for mafia capitalism. Just look at the gambling and " exclusive resort " interests involved with Mnuchin, Adelson, Wynne and those people who are behind Herr Trumph in other countries like Indonesia, et al. This is a money laundering and vice king's wet dream. Loan sharks couldn't have legitimized a " long con " any better. And, it will lubricated by the U.S. Military backing the play with muscle. For their own wealth and personal gain and institutional power plays. It was a wealth building, pie-cutting exercise by the elites from both candidates in this 2016 election. It had little to do with making America great or being stronger, together. Soakng the middle class and poor to feed the wealthy and their personal wish lists was the goal. With some " moral fiber " thrown in to regiment and discipline the unwashed and unruly, of course.


This vulgarian has not even been sworn in yet...


Diplomatic dumbshit.


May his arrogance lead to his own demise and that of his band of thieves...


One needs to ask exactly why anyone as wealthy as Trump would want to be president. He is going to milk his job to its fullest private agenda and he may not even be worried about running for a second term. So much for the suckers.


And that we make sure of this outcome...


Quite so. Many rejected Hillary's but turned to a well established con artist and did not see it.


Precisely! If not us, who? If not now...when?


Meanwhile the president of China has been meeting with Latin American and other leaders at the BRICS conference and is now visitIng Cuba. President Xi probably sees Trump's fumbling as a golden opportunity to expand China's reputation as a reliable trading and investment partner. The effect of Trump's antics with foreign leaders in recent weeks would be ideal, from China's point of view, if the USA is increasingly sidelined from major geopolitical and economic decisions.

The real problem for Trump's working class followers is that the strength of the dollar depends on the respect foreign powers and world markets have for the stability of American leadership.If Trump continues to appear stupid and careless, the markets could drive down the dollar value without China having to do anything to pay back Trumo for his insults. If the markets need a push, China and its satellite Hong Kong can sell off a small part of their vast holdings in US bonds., throwing the dollar into a tailspin. Most Trump voters (and Trump himself) have no awareness of inflation or of the extent to which the world trade system pioneered by Nixon in the 1970s stifled inflationary pressures in the economy. That could easily change.


For you and all who are ready for the fight from Alan Ginsberg "Memory Gardens"

Well, while I'm here I'll
do the work--
and what's the Work?
To ease the pain of living.
Everything else, drunken


Trump & Vandals stole all the handles. The most reactionary forces ( anti-establishment ) within the Conservative/Religious/Right Wing have engaged in a decade " long play "; of resentment politics, gerrymandering, voter suppression and other political techniques to thwart majority rule among/between a coalition gov't. They are furious at losing political, economic and white privileges. They now will " right wing monkey wrench " the tax code, the courts, the commons and all the handles of the police and security state to ensure minority white rule. Think apartheid-lite in their schemes to make America great for reactionary and scared folks of a certain very beigish pigment;-) . There's lots of money in selling security blankets, domestically, right now. " We have nothing to fear but fear, itself " , however, is not jumping off the shelves, as they say.


Actually Trump has said he will divest in some way but does that really change anything? He's had business dealings with many heads of state around the world. He could call any of them and say anything. He's a danger even if he put his company in a blind trust, he still knows what he has is will be making decisions accordingly. He has too many conflicts of interest to be president, like Clinton did.


If the pattern holds, he will double-down on this latest faux-pas. If not, more trouble. And what leverage was he intending to use with China on North Korea?


But we can't let it freeze us into inaction. For some, the US has always been a dangerous place.


Trump says the Taiwanese "leader" (please don't say "president"!) called him. And apparently Chinese officials concur, labelling the Taiwanese leader's phone call a "gimmick" to undermine the "One China Policy" by asserting Taiwanese independence.

Last night, responding to the chattering class' criticism of his potentially catastrophic faux pas, Trump tweeted "Interesting how the U.S. sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but I should not accept a congratulatory call."

Yes, Donald, the hypocrisy is staggering, but you're supposed to go along with it!!

ZeroHedge has the details:


It could lead to an impeachment movement. The Democrats could even use it make big gains in 2018. It is hard to believe the American people will tolerate it. The NY Times could have a big story on conflict of interest every day. It is unconstitutional. Nobody is above the law. I doubt if Trump could get away with it for very long,