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China Port Explosions Release Deadly Chemical, Prompting Fear and Outrage


China Port Explosions Release Deadly Chemical, Prompting Fear and Outrage

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The death toll from this week's fiery explosions at the Chinese port of Tianjin climbed above 100 on Saturday, while confusion spread over whether authorities had ordered the evacuation of everyone within two miles amid fears of chemical contamination.


Really rotten countries exist. That’s why we have laws.

Er, that’s why I wish we had laws. They want to put a fracked gas liquefaction plant and storage tank near here.


Thanks for posting link. The “progress” of modernity will be the death of us all. My heart goes out to the Chinese people.


A post-apocalyptic scenario. What conservatives have in store for humanity.


Reminds me of Union Carbide’s Bhopal disaster which was truly apocalyptic - over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate gas and other chemicals and estimates of immediate deaths ranged from around 8,000 to 15,000 or more. Thousands more, including children and pregnant mothers, suffer from effects of the gas even today: the Chinese government should’ve studied what was known as the greatest industrial disaster in history and took better precautions at that North China port. A version of the incident could be found here; http://www.bhopal.com


You wouldn’t be living near Cove Point, Calvert County, Maryland? They are again working there on such an insallation, ironically turned off years ago after it was pointed out that it posed too much danger for Patuxent Naval Air Base and even Washington, DC itself.


Across the western world persons that work for organized crime at the street level KNOW they have a short life epectancy yet most continue dealing in drugs even as they see their contemparies shot dead driving cars or in restaraunts or in their homes.

In China persons that have headed Companies that have caused such incidents in the past have been executed by the State yet they continue in their activities even as those responsible for oversight are bribed to “look the other way”. Yet we have people who advance the notion that if left to the market these businesses and corporations and individuals would “regulate themselves”.

Absolute and complete nonsense. If anyone has to be watched 24/7 by the NSA it is not the First nations peoples, or people taking pictures of farm animals on feedlots or persons protesting war or fracking. It is these Corporate bastards making their “profits”.


Seven hundred tons of sodium cyanide? For what? What a mess.


And sadly, in China especially, those cretins always talk about “the market” that self regulate. Any opinion to the contrary would be censored by the compradors and foreign proxies that control the mass media in China - including those so-called mouthpieces of the Communist Party like the People’s Daily or China Today.


You said it. And the largest group of brain-dead bas*&%$#@ are right there, in that Asian country.


And just think, TTP will put this at a port near you…