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China Rejects Hague's South China Sea Ruling as "US-Led Conspiracy"



Maybe we can sell the Chinese some war goodies to fight US! /s


US ignores world court when they want to

Glenn Greenwald tweeted this today

US dismisses World Court ruling on contras

Article from 1986

The International Court of Justice yesterday ruled that US support to the contras in Nicaragua is illegal, and demanded that the US pay reparations to the Sandinistas.
Nicaragua intends to sue the US for more than dollars 1 billion in damages in US domestic courts as a result of yesterday's World Court ruling, a legal counsel for the Managua Government said yesterday in Washington.

In a 16-point ruling on a complaint lodged by Nicaragua , the judges rejected American claims of collective self-defence and found the US guilty of breaches of international law and the 1956 treaty of friendship between the two countries.

Three judges submitted dissenting opinions: Judge Oda (Japan), Judge Schwebel (US) and Sir Robert Jennings (Britain).

The US rejected the judgment, claiming that the Managua regime is a Soviet puppet.

A Soviet judge did not take part in the case. One judge was withdrawn last August and was only replaced in December - too late to join his 14 colleagues, plus the ad hoc judge added to the court to represent Nicaragua .


I agree with China. The US has ignored international law for decades, rule of law, ROE, etc so why should China tuck tail and go aw shucks. This is US global Imperialism at work. Go China. Go Putin. Go Nationalism.


The United States of America has no role to play here and should not be involved in any way shape or form. They are not a signatory to this treaty claiming they want no entity dictating the law to them.

China is a member and would be in treaty violation I have not read the full ruling. My understanding is they did not rule that the Spratley islands are not Chinese territory. They ruled that as islets they do not allow China the right to claim an exclusive economic zone around the same.

China and other nations in the area should negotiate among themselves over this issue. The USA should mind it's own business having no claims to these waters whatsoever.


China is an imperialist power. Simple. China buys; the USA bombs. There lies the principal difference.