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China: Scores Missing After Landslide Buries Industrial Park Buildings

China: Scores Missing After Landslide Buries Industrial Park Buildings

Scores of people were missing Sunday after a landslide occurred in an industrial park in southern China that buried dozens of buildings, sparked an explosion from a ruptured national gas pipeline, and forced the evacuation of roughly 900 people.

"I saw red earth and mud running towards the company building," Xinhua quotes one local worker as saying.

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One will probably find heads rolling on this one, capitalists or no.

In construction, “a waste area” simply refers to a pile of excess earth excavation from the grading of a building site or highway in a hilly or mountainous area. It does not imply chemical waste or anything - although being China, other stuff could have been dumped there besides dirt or rock. All but small waste areas need to be engineered structures with proper slopes, soil compaction, under-drains and surface drainage measures for stability. That all adds cost - so they probably just piled the dirt up and up with no engineering at all.

YA know, I just don’t care. These are a people who arrest, then kill their population to sell their organs. Routinely murdered full term babies. These are a people who manufacture fakes of life saving drugs so that children across the globe die, so they can make $.50 each pill. These are people who manufacture fake everything, work harder to steal the hard work of inventors across the globe than invent themselves, who ignore even the most obvious environmental hazards, bully their neighbors with land grabs and fake history, and tell so many lies, deliberate misrepresentations, or oppress free speech overtly and covertly… When will we all just say “the got what they deserve”?

The heads that will roll are those of people who put the photos on the internet.

IT is not the corporations that are put first but those who own them. This is a country that is proof positive that there is no limit to greed.

So the regular person deserves this? Just a tad harsh to condemn all Chinese people don’t you think?

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Harsh, ya. Unjustified? nope. How do you feel about a guy who witnesses a murder but fails to report it? How about those solders who say “I was ordered to do this or that”? Innocent? If somebody lives with his head bowed, cowering, makes every decision based on how much money it generates… then don’t blame me for suggesting I am wrong to shame them because they remained silent, they cowered, lacked the empathy equal to that you would expect of a pet dog when money is concerned.

Did it kill the wrong people? No more so than the dead babies or organ “executions”.

When it comes to doing bad stuff and blaming everyone who lives in the country for all that happens there, then there are some other folks who need to be called out as well. The Chinese government punishes behaviour they don’t like but the people keep doing it. They have more to fear from the consequences of their protests and yet many Chinese speak out against their government. There are protests and other actions taken regularly. Certainly more than in the US. Why isn’t the US populace doing the same thing, the stakes are high here as well, but the repression is far less? Shouldn’t you condemn all the American’s for their government’s actions or inaction all over the world? Care to compare the numbers killed in the past thirty years by the Chinese government and the US?

Anyone who makes blanket accusations and smears other humans, usually of a different ethnic group or nationality, is demonstrating their inability to think clearly or perhaps is just trying to provoke an ugly response and reaction - IMHO. Either way, I simply cannot understand the thinking behind such rhetoric and I hope you are able to get beyond such ideas.

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Cluck cluck cluck…