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China Slams US For Knee-Jerk Accusations over Massive Hacking Attack


China Slams US For Knee-Jerk Accusations over Massive Hacking Attack

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

An army of "unnamed" U.S. officials on Friday were quick to allege that Chinese hackers were responsible for a breach of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)'s computer system in December, which compromised the data of about 4 million current and former federal employees.


Translation: War-Profiteering Banks who also own China are trying to crank up another fake war.


“The United States has struck an increasingly strident tone about cyber-attacks in recent months.” we are so innocent


Is it time now to point up the lesson of the parable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? WMD’s!! Mushroom Clouds!! Terror, terrorist, Terrorism!!

“Waiter, what’s this terrorist doing in my alphabet soup?”

“Well sir, he seems to be attempting to assemble the letters into the acronym where he needs to submit his time card.”


As someone who is a victim of this breach, I would prefer that it is an agency of the PRC government that has my name, address, SS number, occupation, GS grade and pay rather than the alternative - identity-theft gangsters.


The Chinese are planning to tank the U.S. economy by getting everyone’s credit card data and maxing out all the cards. Then they’re going to make the debts impossible to pay by taking all our jobs. This will result in the destruction of the middle class and massive income inequality.


We already did that.


I guess you were born after 1989? Ever heard of communism? The red terror? Soviet occupation and exploitation of Eastern Europe? The cultural revolution? The Great Leap forward?


I think it’s bad either way. Usually credit card or financial fraud is pretty much covered by your bank but think of a more nefarious application, like some dude walking into a government building with your ID, getting some confidential infrastructure blueprints and using them to cause harm.


Why should any infrastructure blueprints be “confidential”? When I worked for the Army Corps of Engineers, I would allow any concerned citizen or environmental group to see the pollutant testing data and plans for river navigation improvements, flood control projects and the like. Only later did I learn that I was supposed to tell them they were supposed to file a FOIA request where perhaps a couple years later they might get something - heavily redacted of course.

And in my current job, if someone (especially someone from China with their horrible mine safety record) comes in with a fake id to see how we at MSHA ans NIOSH protect mine worker’s lives and health, I would be the first to welcome them at the gate - but that isn’t necessary because we already gets lots if Chinese mining engineers visiting our site perfectly legally.

If the Chinese government did it - I really can’t blame them. Wouldn’t you want to know which embassy employees or “trade representatives” visiting your country are actually spies? Of course - stealing the entire federal employee and retiree personnel database was a bit of a ham-handed way of doing it…


Ever heard of…

Spain until 1975
El Salvador
East Timor
and, I’m sure, many other places…

Where more than ten million - the actual numbers will never be known - were murdered by the US and its agents for merely asking for fair economy, a fair shake for the worker, and independence from foreign exploitation?

Please read “Killing Hope - US CIA and Military Interventions Since World War II” by William Blum.


When i started first hearing stuff like this i used t think Americans were so cute in their innocent bliss but after a while it got kinda boring. Now I just think they had it too good and have no idea what was going on in the rest of the world. And I think I’m right. They need a good dose of reality fed to them. And I don’t mean reality TV.


Does anyone else smell a skunk? Congress has just started to stop or regulate the illegal and out of control gathering of data by the NSA. Oh no ! Henny Penny the sky is falling, we are being spied on by the Chinese. NSA to the rescue. We got to get those handcuffs off the NSA, so that they can protect us from the big bad Chinese. Can the public be so stupid that they would buy that crap?


If the corporate media suddenly stops reporting on this, it’s probably because it was an inside job.


Ever hear of Afghanistan?

UNICEF estimates are that there are 370000 excess deaths per YEAR of Children under 5 in that country due to the military occupation by the USA. Excess deaths is a measurment used comparing pre ventabledeaths prior to the invasion of Afghanistan by the USA and its allies and preventable deaths after the invasion.

That is 3.7 million extra CHILDREN dead. Trying to claim others have no idea as to what goes on in the world even as the USA kills people the world over shows how uninformed you are.

I guess they just do not count with people like you when “your side” is doing the killing.

Now Afganistan is only ONE country that the USA has sanctioned attacked or occupied. I suppose you would rather just forget the fact that one Ms Albright said that 500000 dead children in Iraq was WORTH it when a report came out that showed US sanctions against that country coupled with the US Military having destroyed Iraqi water treatment plants in the first war had lead to those deaths,

As to the red terror. It was a word made up by the western media. The only reason YOU heard of the “red Terror” is it a word YOU wanted to hear even as you ignore the terror the US Military inflicts on people the world over. That YOU heard of the “red terror” is meaningless. That you are oblivious to the murders the US State commits the world over shows you pick and choose only what you want to believe.


I lived there. We called it the same. And when we didn’t like the country or its regime. We tried to get out, got shot and beaten to death with shovels by the border patrol. I don’t see swarms of Americans storming the Canadian or Mexican border trying to get out.

BTW, Afghanistan was a pretty normal place before the Soviet invasion.


Yes you called it the same because you CHOSE to. Again you only show how conditioned you are by the propaganda. There were not 10’s of millions trying to flee Russia. Many were pefectly happy there. That there were people that saw through the propoganda of the State in the old USSR reflects they were not as conditioned as those in the USA who continue to think theirs the greatest country on this Earth and a champion of “peace and liberty”. A lie is a lie and it seems you are perfectly willing to accept lies as they suit you.

More than 50 percent of all people that Migrate legally to the USA nigrate to another country or return home after 10 years. They find the USA is NOT all it advertises itself to be.

We had relatives that lived in Poland that came over to visit us in the 1970s’ They were perfectly fine with going back to Poland after their visits.

There an old Polish lady who lives a few blocks from me who came to Canada in 1920. She escaped utter poverty. Poland was not Communist in 1920. She went back to visit in 1974 and was astounded at the change she saw. That is schools, hospitals and housing that did not exist before. As far as she was concerned the changes were positive,

That all said you have still completely ignored all of the millions of deaths the US empire has inflicted on others overseas. You remain oblivious to it. Those people just do not count because they do not jibe with your insistence that the US empire is “better than” another.

Does this mean that the USSR and Poland was some sort of Utopia? Nope. I am well aware of the crimes against humanity committed by the State in those Countries. That said that I am aware of such hardly means I am blind to the crimes committed by the States of the West which in raw numbers is into tens of millions. I am sorry but I do not ascribe to this notion that a person killed by a drone strike or by napalm or by dime munitions is somehow grateful that he was killed in a nicer way, then Russia would have done.

And BTW, Afgahnistan was invaded by the Russians only AFTER the US started meddling there in an attempt to overthrow its Socialist Government. The USA was in their with their Mujahadeen BEFORE the Soviets were. You know those same “Islamic Fundamentalists” the uS claims needs to be killed now?


Wow, i didn’t know people like you still existed. You know your attitude makes you complicit to the communist oppression. If western nations would have put more pressure on the USSR Dec 26 1991 would have happened a lot earlier.

BTW, some did come back from the west and being used as propaganda tools by the government. everyone else considered them the biggest losers ever. We still do. Others, did like it there. Nothing to do all day just happily going thru their mediocre lives. They are here too.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the Gulag Archipelago, somehow i think it applies to you:

“Oh, Western freedom-loving “left-wing” thinkers! Oh, left-wing labourists! Oh, American, German and French progressive students! All of this is still not enough for you. The whole book has been useless for
you. You will understand everything immediately, when you yourself — “hands behind the back” — toddle into our Archipelago”


There are more people in US prisons today than the USSR had in their Gulag jailed for everything from not being able to pay a debt, to exposing torture committed by the US Governmnet on people abroad. Why you could even be jailed for visiting Cuba or smoking a Cuban Cigar. A person even went to jail for EXPOSING the fact that the USA was launching Cyberattacks on other nations. Do you see the title of the article above?

Perhaps you should read some books by people who have been through the US prison system.

By your own faulty reasoning You sir are complicit in the murders of millions the world over, from Iraq to Indonesia from to Vietnam. 4 million were killed in Vietnam alone. Add to the Cambodia and Laos and Iraq and Libya .You are responsible for Abu Ghraib and the tortures at Gitmo.

Once more you expose yourself. You do not care one whit for all those millions upon millions killed by the US State. You hide behind the “other countries do it to meme” the sign of a true hypocrite. It that same sickness in that “Holy book” that states “Thou shalt not kill” and than a few chapters later instructs its followers to murder an entire people.

The hyprocrisy that is the Government of the United States of Amrica, one that condemns countries for meddling in the affairs of others even as meedles in the affairs of other countries, one that condemns the violence inflicted by the Military of other countries even as it inflicts violence with its Military upon other countries is reflected perfectly in your words.

Unlike you i KNOW such people exist. I see it each and every time the President of the United States of America opens his mouth to speak of “peace and human rights and liberty”. That you were ignorant of the fact that people see through such hyprocrisy is no credit to you.

Oh and by the way. Alexander Solzhenitsyn returned to Russia and died there. He in fact admired Vladimar Putin. He had no use for Yeltsin whom he felt a tool of the West.


Actually not, because i did not support communist involvement in those countries, or in any South American countries either. Come to think of Vietnam,Laos, the dead were the lucky ones. They did not have to live under the red boot for 40 years. Looks like Vietnam got it out of its system and started joining the civilized world tho.

I guess having seen the other side i do thing the US is the best thing that could have happened to this world. Some people happen to disagree but it’s usually the ones that had it easy have a skewed view of events.


Mcarthy reborn. “Commies under every bed”. “Better dead then red”. You best go watch “Red Dawn” again.

By definition “The US is the best thing to ever have happened to the world” is a skewed view of events. Ask the First nations people 98 percent who were wiped out by that “Best thing to have happened to the world”

As to “communist involvement” in those countries listed. Sorry bub but you lose the logic test. Every nation on this Earth has people that ascribe to the Communist philosophy. It is their RIGHT to do so. The United States of America has no right to dicate to these peoples that they can not embrace communism.

What you do in essence is claim the State has no right to dictate to its people that they MUST be Communist and support communism while claiming the USA has a right to kill people anywhere on the globe because they are Communists.

Thanks for making my point