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China Warns Unhinged Trump to Stop Making Matters Worse With North Korea


China Warns Unhinged Trump to Stop Making Matters Worse With North Korea

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Chinese leader Xi Jinping makes a plea for restraint, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley suggested the United States would not rule out using use military force to respond to additional missile testing by North Korea.

The U.N. Security Council last week condemned the actions by North Korea as "highly destabilizing behavior."


Clueless morons with no geopolitical experience running the helm of the ship we call the USA! We might as well be on the Titanic racing toward the proverbial iceberg.


North Korea could easily stop US escalating threats by sending its next rocket to the moon and developing a lunar based telescope for space exploration.

Privatized US space efforts most likely won't be able to keep up with North Korea's peaceful use of the rocket.


Saber rattling is almost as profitable to the MIC as war. Plus it raises the popularity ratings of our great leader.


Well-put, pilotpmg!


How very undiplomatic and menacing of Ms. Haley...spoken like the harridan that she is. Never have I heard such a banal bullying threat stated in a patently immature, brash manner by any US Ambassador to the UN. All her statements are ill-thought-out, abrasive, and threatening. She reflects the mentality of her anointer at the expense of our nation's reputation around the world. Obsequious to a fault.


Easy peasy.


" Obsequious to a fault."

Or to put it another way: Nikki, you are so utterly, disgusting and such a fawning, parasite for Trump, you make me ashamed to be an American!


Thousands or millions may die so these unevolved morons can get their testosterone up and make them feel good about themselves.
My God, they didn't even really win the damned election, except by an undemocratic technicality, they have the disapproval of a vast majority of the citizens, and yet they act like this world is their plaything to toss around at will.


There is no justification except for a direct attack on the US for Trump, et al, to do anything militarily. The UN charter prohibits pre-emptive military actions.


Tell that to Nikki the Nutcase and her emperor/puppetmaster.


Haley=another brainless marionette acting as the mouthpiece for neocons. Like having Palin at the UN. Sad!!




Prez Trump and Kim Jong-un have more in common than just bizarre hairdos. Over-blown egos, bullshit, bluster, and cognitive myopia come to mind almost immediately. I propose a globally televised cage match. To the death. It’ll be yuge, and we need some comic relief.


What is forgotten in this discussion is that the nuclear problem with North Korea was solved diplomatically by Bill Clinton's administration. North Korea shut down its program and the US provided fuel to power fossil fuel plants and promised to help build a tight water power plant. Unfortunately that didn't suit the neocons of the Bush administration that abrogated the agreement and North Korea resumed its program. North Korea has also seen Iraq and Libya abandon their programs "voluntarily" and is not about to suffer the same fate. With the neocons back in power I think that wise.


No one - neither anyone in the administration nor any journalist I've read - recognizes the underlying problem on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea and South Korea, with its US ally, are still at war.

That's right. An armistice was signed July 1953, which stopped the hostilities but that's all. The troops are still lined up on either side of the DMZ. There is still no agreement on how to go forward. Only a peace accord will end the military standoff and define a way forward for commerce, travel between the two regions, etc.

Obviously it is to the MIC's advantage to keep the pot boiling. 28,500 US troops in South Korea. A potential hot conflict just a stone's throw from China and Russia, both of whom are concerned the US will use the conflict as a pretext to make moves on them.

The solution - if anyone cared - would be to offer N. Korea generous terms to de-escalate, allow travel between North and South, while providing them with megatons of food aid, etc.


I am in 'no' way defending the Orange Baboon, but he knows if he fucks up and starts something he cannot stop, it's game over for his little experiment as President.

Trump Towers all over the world will be useless.


Tell that to Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc (you've likely seen the list). The good ole U.S. of A. has been violating the U.N. charter for decades. Every administration has maintained that "might make right"...strongest bully on the block gets to to what s/he wants.


Below are three articles that might interest you:

The first article paints a picture of what we did to North Korea during the Korean War. It is not a pretty picture; and, explains how the North Koreans view the U.S.

The second article is extremely poignant, written by a brilliant man who has been reporting from war zones for most of his life. He condemns U.S. administrations, past and present.

The third article is not of the same literary caliber as the first two; but, it does offer the proper diplomatic solution to the crisis. Unfortunately, the U.S. oligarchy will never choose such an approach, since it would be counter to its hegemonic aspirations.

North Korea: The Grand Deception Revealed -- Mar 13, 2017 -- Christopher Black - New Eastern Outlook

Why Trump is Wrong About North Korea -- Apr 20, 2017 -- Andre Vltchek -- CounterPunch

The U.S. Pushed North Korea to Build Nukes: Yes or No? -- Apr 19, 2017 -- Mike Whitney -- CounterPunch


Thanks for the three articles.

The first was largely review for me, with a few eye-openers. The second poignant indeed. The third (and first) are the only articles I've read on the subject during the recent flareup that recognize the Korean War is not over and the key to the situation is ending that war, with all that means. Instead of sanctions, generous humanitarian assistance. Demilitarizing the peninsula, etc, etc. And, as you say, that's not about to happen. The bleeding wound is far more valuable to the MICC as a bleeding wound.

As I recall back in the 90s (before NK went nuclear) the Chinese arranged a six nation confab (Clinton's admin participated) that hammered out a peace treaty that among other things prohibited NK building nuclear weapons, but the Republican congress refused to go along and in the end GW Bush threw it out, and that's when NK decided they had to go nuclear to survive.