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Chinese Newspaper: Trump Has 'No Sense of How to Lead a Superpower'


Chinese Newspaper: Trump Has 'No Sense of How to Lead a Superpower'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump "is not behaving as a president who will become master of the White House in a month," the Chinese newspaper Global Times wrote in an editorial on Monday. "He bears no sense of how to lead a superpower."


Will this be seen as a foreign power trying to influence a US election?


Whatever it is to shield the two parties from accountability.


"We should tell China that we don't want the drone they stole back.- let them keep it!"

What fucking bullshit this is. We now have for PE a pathetic, narcissistic Twitter Man Baby.

WTF is this world turning into? This is, seriously, how he is handling foreign policy, and not even in office: FUCKING TWITTER!!!!


it is just too pathetic for words............like a five year old child. what next???


Yeesh -- seems like we'd have war with China if Trump get in there after today's electoral vote. And if the vote miraculously goes to Chillary, we'll have war with Russia. What a choice.


Twitter in Chief?

There is an old song called "THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION'. I am not a gloom and doom person, but I cannot help to feel that way!

I agree with the Chinese Newspaper: "TRUMP HAS NO SENSE HOW TO LEAD A SUPERPOWER."

The acronym for his initials that makes the most sense to me is: Delirium Tremens!


Chinese Warships in Canada

Dozens of people walked around the supply ship Taihu during public tours on Friday and more are expected to visit the ship during tours on Sunday. Visitors were asked to check large bags and passed through a metal detector but were allowed to bring cellphones and cameras on board. An English-speaking interpreter guided people around the ship.
End of excerpt

Can you imagine an American warship allowing cells and cameras on board in a foreign country?


Twitter is the perfect media for Trump. Too few characters to say anything in depth thereby limiting the exposure of his extreme ignorance and allowing him to be a leader for his ant-intellectual hoard of followers.


Now we know how Trumpet's hands got so small. He's a Twit on Twitter who types so much that the bones in his hands have shrunk to the size of his brain. Unpresidented, isn't it?


As long as Putin is happy with Trump why should we care what the Chinese say. Sure Trump is a real estate/media mogul, but I am sure Putin will provide him with all the expertise necessary to get the job done.


The greatest failing of Americans is the inability to recognize a narcissistic personality disorder and the impediments that come with it. I'm sure everyone can probably remember at one time having experienced someone with this disorder but merely brushed it off as boorish or infantile behavior. It is far worse and far more prevalent than most people realize. To have such a person for a boss let alone a president is a disaster.


What might you expect next from a 5 year old bully?


Actually, people who’re spontaneous in their reactions tend to be more honest and less deceptive. Let Trump have his outburst - who’s this Hu to opine whether Trump is fit or not fit to lead a superpower? Is he also in the pay of the Hillary Foundation?


I understand that before he is the President his tweets are broadcast to millions(?) of followers as an "armchair quarterback" saying what we should do. But after Jan. 20 do you think he understand that he has to actually DO things himself (and suffer the consequences) and not just tweet and complain about others?? The the phrase "We should" will no longer have any value.


the Chinese newspaper Global Times wrote in an editorial on Monday. "He bears no sense of how to lead a superpower."

No kidding, Dick Tracy. And where did you leave your squad car?

The Global Times wins the prize for understatement of the year.


God help everyone!


If I were Mr. Twitter I'd revoke Trump's account. Just create a rule like: After your 100th fact checked lie that reaches more than 10.000 retweets your account will be terminated.


Kiss our country good bye!


He actually said "let them keep it"? Buckle up people...we are in for a bumpy four year ride.