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Chinese Newspaper: Trump Has 'No Sense of How to Lead a Superpower'

“They stole the drone back?” Then who stole the drone in the first place? And what is an underwater drone? I didn’t even know there were underwater drones. What do they do, frighten eels to death with a strange noise but just in case there is a half-survivor, then blow it up with a smart bomb?

As curious citizens, we need to learn more about the president stole-it’s illiteracy as well as more about the purpose of underwater drones. Has anyone to date even discussed underwater drones?

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Is this twittering going to replace reason, thought or policy?

Now he’s talking up nukes–via twitter!

“Trump Has 'No Sense of How to Lead a Superpower”

Now China acknowledges what all the people who did not vote for him did some time ago.

Congrats China!

So the Chinese military in Philippine waters steals a USAian submersible drone? Is that how a responsible superpower behaves?