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Chomsky: Arrest of Assange Is “Scandalous” and Highlights Shocking Extraterritorial Reach of U.S


We are not all blessed with the ability to see ourselves being conned. Especially those who identify with the Cult of Corruption, more commonly known as the Duopoly.

Their disease sometimes lasts their entire lives.

Be thankful TOB that you haven’t been cursed as such.


Our Classic, rock band has performed for several benefits for Vietnam vets. And so many that I know have PTSD from the hell they went through in Nam. Many I have talked to were 18 year olds at the time and had no conception of what was happening over there and now have a lot of guilt, but I suggest to them to not feel guilty because the ones that are guilty are the ones that lied to us!

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Chomsky and Assange have many video’s available together and separate discussing the fall of the media and of the mind. I encourage everyone to get on youtube and seek them out.

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CIA had all of that experience with coups in South America and Mideast. No reason to think they didn’t do it here


Right you are Ph. It’s no more “mister nice guy!”
The CIA and Deep State have had enough of this democracy stuff.


So mad? Just own your position. Be proud of it.
Here’s the wikipedia link regarding the 2007 attack in Baghdad that wikileaks exposed and you would want to cover up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_12,_2007,_Baghdad_airstrike

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I think you have it twisted. The republicans “have had enough of this democracy stuff.” You can see that everywhere around the nation if you care to look. Then look to the President that we elect. He has a great deal of control over the leadership of CIA and other “Deep State” (oogga-boogga!) intelligence agencies.


I don’t want to cover up illegal or awful war crimes crap. Sooner or later lots of crap from various wars is uncovered. Good for Wikileaks on this, but I’m still very troubled by Russian use of Wikileaks to give us Trump. I am absolutely convinced that between Wikileaks work and Comey’s unprecedented involvement, that they are the reason we are burdened with Trump and burdened for decades to come with corporate conservative judges. I think it is an amazingly awful horror show.

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You will need to provide actual evidence that Russia did anything to alter the election. I know the DNC did overtly manipulate the primary. If the Russians did anything, it is a tiny fraction of what our middle eastern allies did to affect the election. Funny you don’t have anything to say about their control of Trump.

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While we might not like DNC manipulation, it was not illegal. You can surely pretend Russia did little or nothing. Funny how you throw in Mid East stuff.

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Unfortunately, war defines people who have experienced it. Guilt is not the usual result (although many combatants become anti-war advocates), rationalizations for the war is more common.

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Until the dims realize why they lost that election (maybe because they didn’t have the support of the “left wing loonies”) they will continue to lose elections and the Republicans and corporate America will shine.
I, for one, am tired of being manipulated by the dim party for my vote.


If enough think like you, we will continue to sink in the morass. You know, you could seek to fight for good democrats. There are quite a few.


I’ll take that as “I got nothing” answer.


Wikileaks file dump.
In response to assange’s arrest


Let’s keep voting LOTE like you do. Look how well that’s been working.


HA HA HA …Don’t worry - few Americans think like me … Most of my friends think like you but I love them anyway.




Kind of bottom line here-- it’s kind of fitting and humorous in my estimation that the Trump Administration is going after Assange even though Assange helped elect Trump. I will admit that I have a rather twisted outlook on many things. Don, Jr was busy dealing with Wikileaks just before his dad won. Trump was loving Wikileaks. Lately Trump pretends to know little or nothing about them. Sweet.

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Whereas I got Barbara Lee. I’ll take Ocasio-Cortez and Ihan Omar as well. Whatcha got?