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Chomsky, Prashad, Hedges and Other Leading Intellectuals: Denuclearize the Middle East


Chomsky, Prashad, Hedges and Other Leading Intellectuals: Denuclearize the Middle East

Noam Chomsky, Vijay Prashad

The Middle East is in turmoil now, possibly again on the verge of a major war that could draw in the United States and Russia.


“We call on others to endorse policies that favor denuclearization of the Middle East and a just and fair resolution of the Arab-Israeli dispute.”

I don’t see any possibility of denuclearization of the Middle East at this time but calling for a just and fair resolution of the Arab-Israeli dispute is a positive request although both sides strongly differ on what is fair and just and have many extremists calling for things that the other side would never agree to. The problem on both sides is the political strength of the extremists. The more nothing is done the stronger the extremists get. It has reached the point where many people are questioning whether a just and fair resolution is still possible.


This article gave a bit of a fright; John Bolton is not director of “the National Security Agency,”
but he is “National Security Advisor,” and that is bad enough.

A democratic party apparatchik is always in favor of the stronger party here.

Yes, there are extremists on both sides. Isn’t it good that the US continues to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia and Israel. La la la.


From the letter:
“If Israel maintains its army in the West Bank and continues, with Egypt, to isolate Gaza from the outside world, surely Israel will be seen as responsible for the well-being of the Palestinian populations. It will take on apartheid-like policies.”

It WILL take on apartheid-like policies??? That train left the station many, many decades ago. Israel is an acknowledged apartheid state. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/19/israel-adopts-controversial-jewish-nation-state-law



Nice idea. But in practice it is not reasonable to expect a people under direct attack to disarm.

Nuclear-armed Middle Eastern countries carry all the risks that one might imagine. But of course those arms are there because the US invades right after it verifies that a country does not have WMD’s–unsurprisingly.

We still have to bell the cat.


Sane policy, once again from Chomsky and other intellectuals. Thank you all for being proper role models for humanity.


those extreme right evangelicals want the world to end. in the bible it states that everyone will be at war in one place. we must denuclearize before this gets too bad,


Clearly the statement was intended not just for American and Israeli political decision makers but for persons everywhere to make their individual and collective persuasions realized for sane and just policies. For generations far more has been exercised to create and extend the behavior and policies that were the causes for the present conditions than ever were to correct them. The statement asserts that sane and just policies are not just an option but are an imperative.


BUT—a big rock just fell out of the Wailing Wall… too much pounding of bombs on the Palestinians . I guess… Maybe , hey yeah, a hint - that the whole place will be falling down soon. Peace at last. : )


Please explain what countries in ME, that are under attack, have nuclear weapons.


I am willing to bet my life on the fact that Israel does not posses any nuclear weapons. The whole sordid affair when it was leaked out sounded like a typical misinformation campaign by MOSAD. Furthermore, if Israel had nuclear weapons, it surely would have used them by now. Israel is daily murdering defenseless women and children by directed, deliberate and calculated fire. Surely, a fire and forget weapon as in a tactical nuke would better serve their purpose, and it would accomplish their end better, if they only had it.

Who are these sources that have factual evidence that Israel has nukes?
The closest the world has come to inspecting the nuclear facility in Israel was when JFK informed Israel that American inspectors are going to inspect the facilities, and Israel said: “No you won’t”. We all saw how that affair ended…

Nuclear program in Iran was started in 1953 under “Atoms For Peace Program”. This was a part of the American Government’s encircling program that is on going and it is meant to bring Russia to her knees. The Shah correctly decided that America’s ambitions in regards to the Soviets would be suicide for him. So while he accepted scientific study of nuclear issue, he kept it under wraps and it was never mentioned or popularized.

The claim that Iran somehow wanted nuclear weapons to contract Israel is false construct that is not supported by history. During the 8-year Iran-Iraq war some hawks in Iran were proposing developing nuclear weapons as a counter point to Iraq’s use of chemical warfare. This kind of thinking was quickly squashed by Iranian leadership declaring possession of such weapon was not only immoral, but a great sin. The declaration was made by none other Khomeini in the form of a fatwa making it the final indisputable argument on the subject.

I find it disheartening that the signatories to this declaration did not object to use of such statements as “according to some sources, 150 nuclear warheads…” These weasel words are straight out of the western imperialism disinformation tool kit. Why state them here?

Of course “the Iranians have not claimed…” because such claim does not physically exist except here. So how do we know that it is “surely … must be a factor”? Who is making such a deceleration, and what are they basing it on? Are they reading an Iranian government non-existent person’s mind who has never said such a thing???


How do you get Israel, which denies having nukes, to disarm? Great idea, but far from practical when the US would be against this from the start.

One of the biggest supporters of Israel in the US are the evangelicals who are hoping for war to occur. To their belief, the final war starts with Israel with a nuclear holocaust where upon the rapture occurs. To them all the jews and everyone else will convert or die and heaven will be upon the earth for a thousand years. Doubt if they will support Israel getting rid of nukes.

I found out recently that some muslims have the same belief that the end times will come and they will be saved while all non-believers die. Christ is expected to be their savior on the day of judgement.

Also hindus have an end day with a battle between good and evil.


Yemen, Omar? Yemen esp has been so blood thirsty attacking the poor Saudis who can’t defend themselves.
Let’s see as Bush proved Iraq had nukes. /s
But in reality only Israel and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. Pakistan might not be seen as a ME country, but it is included. Pakistan’s enemy is India though and since India has nukes, Pakistan will most likely never give up theirs.


The best way for Israel to be really condemned would be to use a nuke in any situation. So no, not using one is no proof that they don’t have one. And why would they need to yet when they can slaughter people so easily using conventional weapons?
As for proof, the french state that they helped Israel develop the nuclear plant to refine enough for bombs and gave the tech to building a bomb to the Israelis.
When the french stopped helping them, the british stepped in. They gave help with a nuclear program.
So even w/o US intel that says the Israelis have nukes, 2 countries that helped the Israelis insist that Israel has nuclear bombs. And they ought to know what they gave to Israel.


Israel will no stand alone as a place of the Jews, by the Jews and for the Jews—it will either become a part of the land of all, by all and for all or it will one day be no more and that day is one the way faster than it can be feared.