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Chomsky Says Trump a 'Sociopathic Megalomaniac' Who Made US 'Singularly Unprepared' for Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/25/chomsky-says-trump-sociopathic-megalomaniac-who-made-us-singularly-unprepared


Now, for clarification between two anti-social groups:

Trump-sociopath? Clearly anti-social, would not mind burning down the planet
McConnell-psychopath? Clearly anti-social too. Would like to burn down the Union

Difference Between Sociopath and Psychopath

There are very few differentiations between sociopaths and psychopaths. There are many medical dictionaries that consider them synonymous. Both, sociopaths and psychopaths are involved in antisocial behavior that is related to extreme violence. Though psychiatrists group sociopaths and psychopaths together, criminologists have given some difference between sociopaths and psychopaths.

Behavior of a Sociopath Behavior of a Psychopath
Sociopaths are very disorganized people. Psychopaths are obsessively organized people.
Sociopaths cannot maintain normal relationships with their family, friends and co-workers. Psychopaths tend to have normal relationships with the people around them and are even able to take care of old parents and get married.
Sociopaths are not able to maintain a steady employment or house. Psychopaths are very successful career-wise. Their ability to organize makes them very likable and trustworthy among people. Psychopaths tend to understand the emotions of others, but they do not feel any emotions or are basically shallow. Thus, it is very easy for them to manipulate people with emotional games.
Sociopaths are found living at the periphery of the society. A study carried out with the homeless people of New York as subjects, showed that most of them were sociopaths. Psychopaths are found living in large apartments and houses and cannot be distinguished from normal people.
Sociopaths are very erratic and unplanned with their acts of extreme violence. Their inability to plan and be organized, makes them leave trails of clues. This makes it very easy to identify and zero-in on them. Psychopaths tend to plan for years before they carry out their act of violence. They plan every single detail of their crime and make sure that they remain undetected. This organized and detailed planning makes it very difficult to catch them.

Anti-social personality:

  1. Regularly breaks or flouts the law
  2. Constantly lies and deceives others
  3. Is impulsive and doesn’t plan ahead
  4. Can be prone to fighting and aggressiveness
  5. Has little regard for the safety of others
  6. Irresponsible, can’t meet financial obligations
  7. Doesn’t feel remorse or guilt

In a democracy the people get the government they deserve.

Truer words were never spoken. Our electorate is now made up of people who vote against their own best interests, Those who don’t vote at all, or have had their voting rights purged. And of course a Democratic Party that has done nothing to stop any of this, and seems content on spending another election cycle blaming the evil russkies instead of looking in the mirror and actually doing something.


After the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the Democratic Party redefined “bipartisan” to mean capitulation to the GOP agenda, and established its top three priorities to be 1) maximize corporate contributions, 2) maximize corporate contributions, and 3) maximize corporate contributions.


Trump is taking a failing, lethal system and turning it into a monstrosity, but the roots were before him.

Those “roots” being what, exactly, Noam?

the neoliberal version of capitalism. Massive failure


What does it say about the establishment press in the United States that the wisdom of Noam Chomsky is appreciated only in the international press?


The Clinton Monster That Won’t Die

Nowhere Else To Go

The reason we breathe the political air we do has everything to do with the presidency of Bill Clinton. He was the corporate revolutionary that brought the Democratic Party back from the irrelevance of Mondale and Dukakis. After 12 years of Republican elitism masquerading as supply-side wisdom, Clinton’s genius was to simply become a Republican in Democratic cloth, guiding the party of labor into the cigar-scented embrace of big capital. He adopted the neoliberal strategies of the Reagan era, recasting them in the counterfeit clothing of progressive populism.

Rather than challenge the power of money in politics, he embraced it. His strategy of triangulation proved the perfect model for unlocking conservative streams of wealth and simultaneously putting the conservative party on their heels. Imagine a simple triangle. On the bottom left is a liberal opinion. On the bottom right is a conservative opinion. At the apex of the triangle—well, that is your policy. Smack in-between the progressive left and the conservative right. That meant, in practice, moving right on key issues. In response, the Republicans have carved out a new homestead along the frontier of anti-government extremism. No surprise, really. After all, here was some Arkansas arriviste pilfering their positions and passing them off as his own. Clinton lifted their ideas, pimped out his platform to their donors, and somehow convinced his base not to burn down the Democratic Party.


Obviously the Clintons think their strategy can still prevail. After all, as Bill Clinton gleefully said of disillusioned progressives he knew would eventually return to the fold, “They have nowhere else to go.”



The fact remains that he was voted into office by the system, the electoral college, along with some certain shenanigans. This sociopath reflects the “values” a large percentage of Americans. They ain’t going away once the Orange Pustule is expunged. Some will no doubtedly react militantly as the seeds of stochastic terrorism have been sown. Many will lie fallow has has been the anti-intellectual tradition in much of American life. Progressives have some heavy lifting to do if we are to get back to The Enlightenment, the guiding beacon of The American Experiment. Yes, it was started in very flawed times, but its principles did foresee and facilitate Progress–but it always took work–let’s water Jefferson’s tree of Liberty starting the third of this November.


He doesn’t play along with "Manufactured Consent"


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That info is very educational. Thanks for sharing. Now I know what Trump is, officially.


Yes, Ray, as I sent to the NYT, WaPo, and to Bernie’s “Our Revolution”:

The Democrats could win in a landslide if they just ran on a campaign platform of simply “Democracy Over Empire”, but that’s not what they want — they want to dominate as the representative party ‘of the Empire’ — rather than a people’s peaceful “Political/economic & socialist oRevolution Against Empire”.

Sure the GOP is awful — and so is voting 10 times for a “least worst candidate” of either corrupt Vichy party.

Likewise, the crony capitalist Corporations are awful — but so is the whole underLYING Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE, within which Empire the corporations can rape and pillage.

Let’s get serious, ‘folks’, the GOP and Corporations are both awful, but they are all just segments of a Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE which is the hidden and undiagnosed cancerous tumor of this effin EMPIRE.

No sane and informed American voter should ever vote for any politician of either party who doesn’t have the courage and brains to come-out overtly as being “Against Empire” — and while Emperor Trump can and did brag that he could “shoot someone in the head on 5th Avenue without losing any voters” — if this effin Emperor Trump ever said, “I can could admit to being an Emperor, and running America as an EMPIRE” he would be politically stone-cold dead in a ‘New York minute’.

Americans simply calling-out Trump as “acting like an Emperor” would END this idiot faster than shooting himself in the head on 5th Ave.

Plus my double-sided signs:

“Our Revolution”

and other side:



There is no consensus on which term should be used when, Giovanna. Robert Hare PhD, who is the go-to guy for the syndrome, prefers the term “psychopath” for all cases, since there is no evidence for the behavior being a result of learning (which is the general distinction made by the subset of people who think there are two categories)

The descriptions you give would be more accurately identified as “stupid” and “smart” psychopaths. Stupid psychopaths end up in prison quickly and often, whereas the smart ones end up in corner offices, rectories, boardrooms, and at the top levels of government.

Anti-Social Personality Disorder (and Narcissistic PD) are the smart-psychopaths’ way of de-pathologizing their behavior, since ASPD involves interpersonal violence, which the smart psychopaths commit by proxy, or when they’re sure there are no witnesses. And NPD lacks the key factor in psychopathy, which is a reptilian emotional repertoire.

Oh, and the homeless, if they’re not simply poor, tend to be alcoholics and/or have paranoid schizophrenia. Psychopaths generally don’t have what we think of as “mental illness” because, lacking mammalian emotions, they rarely suffer from conflicts (take the killers of Armaud Arbery, for example: they just did what they wanted to, and like most stupid psychopaths, tried to alibi themselves with a story that was something a 7yo would have realized was full of holes)

Individuals like Trump and McConnell are psychopaths: they harm other people by proxy without hesitation or remorse.


Lots to think about between the article and the comments. The scary issue, the one I hide from because I’m afraid of the answer, is that enough Americans LIKE war and greed and admire rich people. Which leads to…are we brainwashed to think this way beginning as children?
I do agree with Dr. Chomsky that neoliberalism is an epic fail. And I agree Trump wants to burn down the house if he has to leave office.
For the rest…I have a lot of books to read…


Not doubting Drumpf’s sociopathy, but does Sir Noam really think the US would have been better prepared with anyone else in office? Clearly he knows that the problem is systemic, since he says so here, so why the rush to join the ongoing cult of personality?


The “smart” vs “stupid” classifications are much more accurate as descriptors than sociopath vs psychopath. I would like to add that much of the theory behind sociopaths being distinctly different from psychopaths is more hopeful thinking than anything else. If someone can learn to be a psychopath, then they should be able to unlearn it. Though, there has been little evidence to ever suggest this as being possible. This seems to be another way we impart false hope into our understanding of our environments.

Is there a difference between the two classifications if both lead to the same outcomes, neither have effective treatments, and both share all the criteria across the anti-social spectrum (including other Cluster B disorders)? Doubtful.

Thank you for adding this post which more accurately reflects our understanding and environment.

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Trump and the GOP Death Cult Enablers are responsible for the decimation of “normal” in America.

Prison wouldn’t adequately be punishment enough.

For everyone of them.


“…though he’s still reliant on ‘his primary constituency, which is great wealth and corporate power’…”

Is Chomsky talking about Trump or Biden?


Yes, and the Eastern religions phrase it as “mass karma”. Either way it is true.


Did nothing? What do you call impeachment? And as far as thinking the Democrats would do better in, the Trump interior if they ran further left - good luck with that. I wish it could happen, but it’s jsut not going to happen. Occasio-Crotez, Sanders and the rest would never have been elected to congress in, say, South Bend.

And what “Russia” stuff? Now you are the ones who wont let the Russia stuff die.

Trump’s actions meet every criteria of narcissism and psychopath - both of which enjoy manipulating and ultimately inflicting shattering pain on others for their own gain. BTW, to me only those who know they are losers to their core manipulate and destroy others because that is the only way they can gain anything for themselves.