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Chomsky, Snowden, Greenwald on Privacy in the Age of Surveillance



Taxation without representation... My tax dollars are taken and used in all kinds of ways of which I do not agree with, nor do I have a say in how they are spent...On Black box projects, on NSA surveillance projects on foreign and domestic wars......A rogue class of personnel deciding on the best use of the dollars.


Rockin' in the free world. Chomsky, Snowden, and Greenwald are to democracy what the Koch Brothers are to fascism, but a whole lot less well-funded. We owe all three a huge debt of gratitude.


Surveillance= Sur-Veil- ance.......The Alliance of those who are Above the Veil.
Expect more of this with HRC-Trump- or Cruz in office..that is the front office, the show room.


You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
NSA is coming to town

It's making a list
And checking it twice
Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice
NSA is coming to town

It sees you when you're sleeping
It knows when you're awake
It knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!

O! You better watch out!
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
NSA is coming to town
NSA is coming to town


I had the pleasure of seeing it live, and it was delightful! Over the course of 90+ minutes of talk, not one of the three great Heroes of Freedom said a single thing that was stupid or wrong. To see this careful, reasoned, experienced, absolutely-no-bullshit talk among these guys was already great. But in the context of the conversations around the US presidential campaign, with all its idiocy and dishonesty, it was like a little trip to Heaven.

The combination of this talk, and Bernie's bird, made Friday the most beautiful day in a LONG time.


Better not dissent
I'm telling you why


Wow, EnemyofWar, great link, I've known about Nixon and Ailes for many years but this added documentation adds to the argument that the unholy Nixon alliance with media was more sophisticated than even I could imagine, and believe me that's saying a lot. Here is a link to the Ailes document being discussed...


Thank you Lauren Mccauley and Common Dreams for posting this. Watched last evening live, in awe that I could be a member of a Live Webcast. I think that this group meeting will become historically significant in time, and ultimately will change Americas views on surveillance. Let’s hope that the government is capable of changing with its citizens.


Reading is the key, isn't it. My excuse is that I realized very quickly that Nixon and Reagan were being Stage Managed with set-up writing and audiences. For Reagan it was business as usual, Deaver and Nancy did the arranging. Ronny delivered the script. One of the truly delightful things about Bernie is that there is no script. Thanks again, you provided a real break-through for me...
Too, here in California, I personally watched the same stage-managing of Arnold, with theatrical lighting, managed crowds, and pre-selected viewpoints for the cameras via access, to make it look like support was massive.


The next question is whether Americans woujld be willing to pay more for the price of bananas (or whatever products) to change foreign policies rooted in economic and psychological factors, and, as the panel indicated, what lies at the root of terrorism. If to preserve the American lifestyle policies of global domination including propping up dictatorships and exploitation as America does and has done for decades terrorism must be considered a necessary price tag, how many Americans would be willing to significantly alter that lifestyle? Would Americans be willing not simply to accept higher prices on imports but to a restricted income to, say, all earnings above 250,000 are owing to a general fund? And this general fund is for the purpose of improvements for the society? We do not see the root cause of terrorism because we are steeped in denial as "the greatest country of the globe" being inexplicably hated by psychotics etc. Let's move on now to how much we are willing to change our lifestyle in order to change our foreign policies and glorification of wealth and power. The problem of what’s wrong, global turmoil, needs to move further beyond odious surveillance to the implications of a country with four percent of the global population using 25% of its resources.


It is surprising how many Americans seem to care less about privacy, keeping their cell phones on at all times, posting their entire lives on Facebook, searching the Web using Google, etc. Many no longer even have land line phones which give you more privacy then cell phones, at least when it comes to the local police.


Voted for Perot too; thinking that Willie was too slick...


I watched the live stream last night from Tucson, courtesy of The Intercept & others. YEOW! It was riveting. Be sure to see the video that will be available Monday, but beware; it may be (was to all there, I thought) frighteningly truthful.

Centennial Hall was sold-out and had people packed in elbow-to-elbow. Man, were they all focused! (Maybe truly concerned?) - Congrats to the U of A Behavioral Sciences for sponsoring this absolutely essential must see event.


I like yer Rockin' In The Free World best. lol Ain't that Neil Young a genius?


This is the link to the U of A for the "Conversation on Privacy" video of the stream.


"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"
Who will watch the watchmen?
* As you can see, that question has been asked for a long time.
* In a fascist culture, it is a tough question as the only oversight committee is tasked with, "Are we missing anyone?"
* I'm old enough to remember living in a Constitutional Republic and I really miss it, but think of anybody under, say, twenty-five. They have never known privacy, they have never known peace. To them, surveillance, suppression, endless war, propaganda, prisons, disappearances are normal. They've never known anything else.
* The Constitution and Bill of Rights are not taught in school anymore. They may be mentioned, but not as anything important. They learn early that, if you defy the man, don't do as you are told, you get your head busted, if you are lucky.
* Propaganda teaches them that this is a world where a small band of red-blooded Americans must protect them from a world of others whose sole reason for existence is to kill or enslave them, so the most powerful Wehrmacht the world has ever seen must destroy them, anywhere in the world, make refugees of them, and make sure the refugees have nowhere to go. It must ally itself with other nations with the same outlook, to loot and destroy those who don't agree and cooperate.
* Talk to some young person today about some new method of surveillance or crowd control, and the answer you get is often, "That's cool!"
* If those of us who remember privacy, peace, honor, ethics and empathy don't try to keep them alive and instill them into the lives of those coming up behind us, then the world will become truly Orwellian.
* Remember the discussion of Newspeak? The language was being reduced to the point where there would not even be a way to express rebellion, or to question what the government, the party, was doing. To try to do so was just summed up as "doubleplusungood." If something came up that was a lie, such as an announcement that rations would be increased, then they were decreased, that was solved by "doublethink."
* If you look at what is being done to our language with "PC" and other restrictions, we are slowly approaching that, as well. If you cannot speak or write without carefully censuring yourself to make sure that whatever you say will not offend anyone, if there are laws that restrict your speech, may fine or imprison you should someone claim that they are offended by what you wrote, if your ideas must correlate with whatever the vox populi says or thinks, then we are at a stalemate. New thoughts, new ideas will be suspect. We will stagnate. As Monty Python used to say, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!", but little by little, it is reappearing.
* Arrest and imprisonment without trial or charge is known and essentially accepted today. Police may confiscate your home, your car, your money, for no more reason than it does not fit your profile. Usually, you do not get it back, unless you spend a huge amount in legal fees to get at least part of it back.
* Returning to surveillance, should you be picked up, and charged, often you or your attorney will not even know or see what the alleged evidence is against you. It is a matter of national security, or releasing the information could conceivably give some unknown agency a clue as to how they were accessing private or encrypted information. The judge is simply told you are guilty and the government or the agency will attest to it, but don't ask for details.
* How long before we, too, must learn to fear Room 101?


Yeah, I'm almost 79, and I remember WW-II and how grateful we were when it was finally over and we could have peace. That didn't last long, did it.
* I joined the navy in '55 and wound up at the Marshall Islands for the H-Bomb tests. Nearly died from my exposure.
* I've spent most of my life since then trying to awaken people as to the direction we are taking. Some are awake, but most just drink their Kool-Aid and seem to enjoy the taste.
* I keep trying, but boy am I getting tired!


So pleased to read you EnemyofWar, my experience is very similar to yours. You might consider teaching again, this new generation has all the potential we had, with a bit more effort, we may yet provide the environment that was stolen from us. It's possible that "The New Fronteer" is still foreseeable...


Our modern day heroes. It's at least comforting to know that these men are working with us not them. With Bernie pushing for real democracy and these three pushing for transparency this country is turning in a new direction.
The revolution my not be televised but thanks to C.D and some other sites we will still be informed. My hat's off to these caring and brilliant individuals. They truly are our heroes.