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Chomsky: 'The Real Question is...What Exactly Is The Threat of Iran?'


Chomsky: 'The Real Question is...What Exactly Is The Threat of Iran?'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As U.S. Congress considers signing the unprecedented nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers announced earlier this month, renowned scholar and activist Noam Chomsky on Wednesday asked a less-considered question: "Why is the deal being pursued?"

The deal constrains what is referred to as "the Iranian threat," Chomsky said, "but what exactly is the threat?"


Sanity, in an age where up is down, black is white and no is yes (verifiable by the redoubtable McGovern).


I am sure glad Israel is part of the NPT


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So many people, especially members of the elite, seem to miss the Cold War and keep casting about for a replacement for the International Communist Conspiracy. They seem to have a need to believe that hostile forces are out there trying to organize and conspire against us to harm us and destroy “our way of life.”


“Sanity, in an age where up is down, black is white and no is yes…” That sounds like Bizarro World to me. When did we begin to accept its legitimacy… 9/11?


The elite always need to have an enemy to hold up as a threat to our 'freedom and the American way of life. This is a way for those elites to take nearly all of our tax funds to spend on the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about. With that pileup of weapons they then cheer on the next war to blow up the munitions so that our government buys more of them. The elite is in no way concerned about the death of people on the receiving end of those weapons. For the elites wars are by far the best way to make lots of money for them.

The danger to the people of this nation is the elite of the world—those people are mostly in the banking “industry” and a more evil group of people would be hard to find.


I never agreed to US highway speed limits,

so I don’t have to follow them.


Remember, there are ways to make great wealth besides just the munitions and armaments contracts - the ancient Sumerians didn’t conquer the nearby city-states just for an excuse to build new swords and shields with tax money - winning wars has direct benefits in spoils, controlling resources, markets, integrating millions of new workers into your growing Empire, trading routes, etc. Not for everybody, but certainly for the Americans that start these wars…

War has been profitable for at least 5000 years - for the winners.


You just demand ever one else must or you will destroy them.


And that my friend makes war o.k.


I think Chomsky goes to the heart of it, that the western powers foreign policy in some cases ( specifically the US), is what one could describe as an “insane logic”, that is circular.Always coming back to it’s needs, termed as “national security interests.”


That makes the U.S. motivation to start wars much more than just the considerable money to be made on the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) - something I see a lot of citizens overlooking.


There have always been a small number of people who demand absolute power. These very very rich people now have absolute control of our, and many other gov’ts around the world. Here in the US, it is through our dastardly election system and the promise of future wealth to co-operating elected and bureaucratic government figures. Time for real change, not just slogans!


The bankers and MIC don’t need anything other than the potential profits.


It’s very profitable, for some, to fight a War
It’s also very profitable, for others, to win the War and take control of the country.

Remember how the neocons gleefully went about ‘privatizing’ and opening to ‘international investors’ the conquered Iraq? That didn’t turn out well for US elites, but the intention was to make $trillions off the conquered country…

I’m just saying I read a lot of comments, and articles, that never mention the second part, eg:
USA Today
10 companies profiting the most from war
(Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, EADS, etc.)

As you mentioned, the bankers were poised to take over Iraqi financial industry before the occupation unraveled… and they hoped to do the same after the coup in Ukraine, for example. That’s an integral part of the expansion of empire.


I believe all wars are bankers wars. The mercenary class and its apparatus is huge, real and using taxpayers money to thrive.