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'Choose People Over Pentagon': Americans Urged to Call Their Reps as Congress Set to Vote on 10% Military Budget Cut

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/choose-people-over-pentagon-americans-urged-call-their-reps-congress-set-vote-10

When I pause to think what this place would look like absent military adventurism it boggles the mind–we could use half of the effort to maintain the country, take the other half off to enjoy the result, and have the rest of the world’s admiration.


Our lawmakers would be nothing, and I mean nothing, if they did not have the universe’s biggest, bestest (Trumpspeak here) military ever. Ruling is all about power, ya ain’t got it without the world’s most expensive, over-funded, private-contracting (aka paybacking), military in the history of the world.

What will we ever do w/out Trump’s tweets, interviews and press conferences. Seriously, at least we knew what he was thinking (if one could handle it) and up to. Obama was too busy brunching w/celebrities to ever speak to the nation. (And yes, I did vote for Obama the first time. Guess I fell for the “self-professed one we’ve all been waiting for” spiel, ;).

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Stupid dims need to realize, this vote defines their priorities. It is almost unfathomable that they would vote against it and even more unbelievable that they think the majority of Americans who support this will be racing to the polls (or the mailbox) to re-elect them if they don’t…

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$400,000 for draino?

Only in the US Congress do they still believe shit runs uphill. If you believe
this bunch of morons will cut their own campaign fund …


Trump is one step ahead of us on this one. Having special troops patrol cities must cost 10% more than normal, canceling out any decreases.
Brown shirts coming to a city near you.
Time to hang our flags upside down and to not be deterred. Dissent is a necessary tool at times.


we are spending $400,000 on specialized acids every time we have to flush and unclog the toilets. I’m not making this up."

So Bernie’s proposal means we only spend $ 360,000.00 to unclog toilets?


Is the F-35 still built in Vermont?

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Let’s not forget the $Billions spent on BioWeapons Research.

You know, things that kill people more effectively.


It was never built in Vermont (though with these projects, companies try to distribute parts manufacturing to as many states as possible). Sanders was involved in the decision as to whether to base any of them in Vermont.

On aircraft carriers, I had thought there was starting to be some consensus among even those who want to spend way too much money on defense that these boats really aren’t worth it. I thought it was because they are too vulnerable to modern missles. I don’t enjoy reading about this crap much so maybe I’m mistaken. If we got rid of all foreign bases, all nuclear weapons, and cut personnel by a significant fraction, it would be interesting to ponder what conventional weapons systems make sense. I imagine aircraft carriers won’t be in that set.


I called both Feinstein and Pelosi however Feinstein being a Zionist warmonger will be unlikely to do anything that might hurt the pentagon (Israel) budget.


Here is how US military takes care of historical statues


Quicker but not necessarily cheaper. First time I read about expensive military toilet seats they were $400 a pop but now $10,000?! I can only guess how much the firework in that link above sets us back.

But for an in depth, behind the scene, play by play accont of how this bipartisan military boondogle has been forged and by who, read and watch Glen Greenwald walk you through it and see if you think a sternly worded letter will be the most effective choice of tools to use from the Democratically controlled branch of legislature that can simply say NO.


"How do Democrats succeed in presenting an image of themselves based on devotion to progressive causes and the welfare of the ordinary citizen while working with Liz Cheney to ensure that vast resources are funneled to the weapons manufacturers, defense sector and lobbyists who fund their campaigns? "

  • Glen Greenwald
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Let’s not forget that.


Anyone remember the peace dividends? After the collapse of the USSR the US has been left without an enemy but somehow the pentagon invented the Taliban, then the CIA dispatched Ben Laden to Afghanistan to pretend to be “the enemy”, AL Qaeda gave birth to ISIS and the rest is history. I am willing to bit that once the pentagon has been cut to size all global US lead military interventions will come to a screeching halt.

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Here is a question for you, what is the relationship between the dollar value and the US military?

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Your comment deserves a million up votes. It is paramount that the citizenry recognizes the urgency to stand up against fascism now or prepare to die off in droves. The survivors if luckey eat dog food in labor camps.

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more than the Zionist part of her warmongering…

From 2007
Billions in Military Contracts to Husband’s Firms Were Approved by Sen. Feinstein’s Committee, Metro Newspapers Investigation Reports


Yes, we have recently seen how long the food bank lines can get.
Is there a savior on the horizon?


How about New Hampshire? Portsmouth Naval Shipyard maintains the Atlantic fleet

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By the same token it IS worthwhile to consistently build a track record with groups like WinWithoutWar, the Friends Committee on National Legislation, AFSC, Project on Government Oversight, Public Citizen, Union of Concerned Scientists and other that mount letter writing campaigns,


Because the records are kept, the numbers are accessible and can be applied in numerous contexts. In addition it is internet community building.

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