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'Choose People Over Pentagon': Americans Urged to Call Their Reps as Congress Set to Vote on 10% Military Budget Cut

I frequently imagine Pelosi and Feinstein for once taking a long walk, joined at the hip, on a short pier rather than forcing the people on this continent to do it at their whim under their manipulations.


This is an exercise in futility. There is not a chance in hell that the Democrats or the Republicans would vote for this except for the few Progressives posing as Democrats. The bill’s popularity with the public is meaningless as we have seen with other popular initiatives like Medicare4All, dismantling nuclear weapons or raising the minimum wage. Until the public learns to vote for politicians that reject all corporate influence, the corruption will continue.

I was responding to a post about the F-35 (which I now see has final assembly in Ft Worth, TX).

The aircraft carriers are built in Newport News, VA (~https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_R._Ford-class_aircraft_carrier) though I’m sure they try to spread out parts production in as many states as possible with this weapon also.


The dollar value is more dependent on being the sole acceptable global currency for international trade than anything else. Once the rest of the world stops using U.S. dollars to pay for everything, the dollar will initially collapse and then slowly rebound to a more realistic reflection of its true value.

I concur. Ro Khanna also says as much (~https://theintercept.com/2020/06/24/defense-spending-coronavirus-bernie-sanders/)

But Khanna was skeptical that progressives could make comprehensive cuts to defense without a larger presence in congressional leadership: “We need the presidency. We need people in our leadership who are progressive.”

I still think we have to make noise even while knowing actual progress requires other steps to succeed.


Democrats and Republicans really don’t care who the public votes for, as long as it is a corporate Democrat or corporate Republican. The job of both Party’s is to “stay the course” and weed out any pro-democracy or pro-environmental advocates. But as long as both Party’s pledge allegiance to their particular special interest groups, the funding will continue to fill the coffers of the winners and the losers and perpetuate the illusion of a functioning democracy.


“I still think we have to make noise even while knowing actual progress requires other steps to succeed.”

Absolutely! That is why I have been advocating that all us accept the fact that we will get one of the two imbeciles that corporate America has served up to us this November and therefore we should all concentrate on removing every single corporate sycophant from both parties in the Congressional races instead of wasting our time complaint about Trump and Biden. If by some miracle the American public were able to elect a Progressive Congress, the President would be a lame duck during their entire time in office. It is not too late, we just need to change our tactics.


I’m cynical about calling and writing. These people do what they want when in power. Their elections are not primarily financed by the voters so why would they be persuaded by calls unless we offer a bribe? If the cut were substantial, that might be different. I’m sure a closer scrutiny would reveal lots of add on things that amount to more than the proposed cut. Have the legislators pushed to make sure their constituents received their stimulus funds or ever received enhanced unemployment benefits? What are they doing this very second to stop Hair Furor from driving this country in the ground, or is that the intent? I can’t help but wonder. The legislative branch and judicial branch of the government have forsaken the voters. The executive branch is inhabited by a man who cannot form complete sentences or thoughts and is applauded by his base voters because he demonstrated that he can lift a glass with one hand and take a sip. His hard interview with Chris Wallace was painful to hear about—I’m not brave enough to watch it. And the congress people go on recess while the country is fighting a virus with no national health guidance and extra military police terrorize protesters in selected Democratic controlled states/municipalities (because he hates black lives and doesn’t think they matter unless servicing him). We need a hero…in a mask, to be sure; but we definitely need a hero. I’d even take Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy…

We assume the govt has bio weapons labs for what? We assume against the enemy. The enemy is us. (Not trying time start a riot. Just a notion)

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And let us not forget that the Pentagon has never accounted for ‘missing’ Trillions (21?) of taxpayer dollars that were funneled into that institution. To even investigate these missing trillions would cost billions to audit. Mind boggling Trillions went somewhere…

The only gd war that every nation should/could be engaged in right now is climate change mitigation, period. (if that is even possible at this moment in time)

The collapse of this nation is happening right now, in real time and to me seems to be on rather an excellerated course.

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For this cycle we are stuck with the roster we have. Do you have a list of what you think are the true progressives running that deserve outside the district small money donations? As @Mr_Peabody often says Lisa Savage running as an independent (just an election law formality - she would be a Green were she to be elected) is one of the few senate races we have and I think Paula Jean Swearengin of WV is the only other potential new progressive senator unfortunately. Lots more options in the house including some who have a lock in the general like Jamal Bowman (NY-16) and others that could use outside money. If haven’t made my full list but several people including Kara Eastman (NE-2) have impressed me (most of my exposure has been from people on the Humanist Report - I wish more shows covered this effort). I look at Brand New Congress for info but it is not exhaustive (Buttar is not listed) so I really need to make my own list I think after digging through multiple sources.

True but i think that additionally the elite bankers and oil conglomerates want a strong military to intimidate those who dare think of trading oil in local currency or even the Euro.

You are that “savior” and many of yous and mees when we unite there no one who can stop us.

I think a better indicator of the strength of the dollar is in munition sales. As long as we sell weapons at 57% globally, by the dollar, I think the dollar is safe.

Please cut more than this. In the current pandemic it is an insult to all humanity to not cut it much more.

But, oh, boy, if you can’t pay your mortgage in a few months OUT. If you can’t pay a court fine, you can’t vote in Florida. If you don’t pay your taxes (and you aren’t privileged in some way) they come for your house and/or any belongings they can sell. But TRILLIONS in missing funds? Gravy for the thieves who steal daily from the tax paying numb worker bees.

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Im not against letter writing at all, but for their pay grade I do expect a hell of alot more. They did stand up and deliver the goods today however, 103 House Democrats killed the Omar amendment pleasing the corporations that paid for them to be there. Too bad the people that voted for them to be there can’t get that kind of action.

Really a great link.

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" Why Bernie Sanders is backing a $1.5 trillion military boondoggle"

" Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine"

“There were protesters who were unhappy that General Electric was manufacturing Gatling guns at the plant, and so they would lock themselves to the gates and engage in civil disobedience. And so the mayor, Bernie, finally got cops to go in and arrest the protesters,” Condon told The Daily Beast. “The GE plant was one of the largest providers of jobs in the city. So it was economically important that the plant stay open and people who worked there went to work.”

When it comes time to make speeches, Sanders has slammed defense corporations for political gain.

The Vermont senator persuaded Lockheed Martin to place a research center in Burlington, according to Newsweek , and managed to get 18 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets stationed at the city’s airport for the Vermont National Guard.

“In very clever ways, the military-industrial complex puts plants all over the country, so that if people try to cut back on our weapons system what they’re saying is you’re going to be losing jobs in that area,” Sanders said at a Q&A in New Hampshire back in 2014. “[W]e’ve got to have the courage to understand that we cannot afford a lot of wasteful, unnecessary weapons systems, and I hope we can do that.”

History has shown that Sanders has not had the courage to do that.

Immediately after he made those comments, an audience member pointed out that the F-35 fighter jet project had a lifetime cost of $1.2 trillion: “When you talk about cutting wasteful military spending, does that include the F-35 program?” the questioner asked."

-Tim Mark - ttps://www.thedailybeast.com/author/tim-mak

Updated Apr. 13, 2017 5:46PM ET / Published Feb. 09, 2016 12:01AM ET



The Democratic Party does not defend voters of color…

There’s all kinds of reasons and one of them is simply the current Democrats wouldn’t be in charge of the party. They’d lose their primaries. You would have a very different Democratic party…

While it’s true that the Republicans stole the White House, the Democrats stole their own party from their own voters.

So that’s what’s going on there. We have a see-no-evil media and a Democratic Party which will allow the theft of the White House as long as they can keep control of their own party.

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