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Choosing Quagmire: The Essential Context of Vietnam


Choosing Quagmire: The Essential Context of Vietnam

Vietnam war
Robert Freeman

It is reasonable to speculate that because of internal contradictions in the U.S.'s position and its inability to reconcile them with its own people, before the Vietnam War was even begun, it was already lost.


This is a brilliant analysis. It’s too bad that our educational system will never teach this version of American History even though this is the truth and the stuff in the schools is propaganda.


I’m reminded of the uber-computer’s line from “War Games”:

“An interesting game. The only way to win is not to play.”


The writer’s analysis is absolutely right. But one aspect he probably advertantly left out is the Anglo-Saxon ego to dominate the others. It is the reason why this nation is still suffering from both inside and out that includes everything from extreme point of lying to inhuman brutality which is still continuing. Fortunately, now many people become gaining knowledge of the outside world that makes uneasy for the rulers. So they want to control the free internet or knowledge gathering. Hopefully it all ends up peacefully for the prospect of better world.


This is, quite simply, about the best, most concise, explanation of the history and mindset of post-WWII America and its tragic choice to attempt to “contain” Communism by overtly and covertly opposing the Liberation movements around the world, 1945-1965. This blind worship of Capitalism, blended with a strong streak of racism, left little room for rational or moral decision-making on the part of every U.S. Administration in that period. Quite simply, the choices made put us squarely at odds with our own ideals, as well as squarely on the wrong side of history to this day!


The cold war was not the result of the US feeling vulnerable, it was contrived by the military industrial complex (MIC) formed after Daddy Warbucks’ revenue plummeted in 1945 when WWII ended.

Eisenhower enabled the MIC to expand exponentially, then warned us about its dangers as he departed the White House in 1961.

The MIC subsequently morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC), kept the Viet Nam occupation profitable as long as possible, then set out to create the current eternal war/occupation model that assures MIMIC ever growing and eternal revenue…with anybody so much as questioning it being labeled a traitor. Keeping a never ending stream of new boogeymen keeps the revenue stream that keeps growing and never ends.

Following the money reveals the facts.


And, Eisenhower approved untold millions and millions, and millions of dollars to develop the atomic bomb while Americans languished in poverty. No wonder he finally issued a warning about abuse of such power.


I remember knowing most of this information (not as well organized) but it has been removed from the popular culture. My point is to hold onto your truth these are dark times.

Great. excellent article.


The same inherent contradiction has been sold over and over to the American people. The US govt has repeatedly used its economic and military power to crush liberation movements around the world, all the while claiming it was protecting American citizens or spreading Democracy abroad - lies foisted upon us incessantly by the media and the two major political parties.

American post-WW2 foreign policy has been one shameful episode after another.



Your comment is right on the money. In The Arrogance of Power, William Fulbright points out that in every instance after World War II, when the U.S. was confronted with a choice between supporting a liberation movement, or opposing Communism, it invariably chose the latter.


I was immediately taken by this article too !

After Vietnam, the military brainstormed and master minded propaganda, as described in Colin Powell’s autobiogrphy, “My American Journey.”

Look at what happened to Colin Powell !

Now we reap the whirlwind - science denial - one could say the denial also of reason, compassion, humanity, and justice.


Ray, I mentioned “Daddy Warbucks” in another context, while chatting with an employee at a convenience store. I got a blank stare. I then tried to explain the background of “Little Orphan Annie”, and got another blank stare. It ain’t easy getting old.


Yes, that was also my response to this otherwise fine article.

The U.S. wasn’t thinking it needed to intervene globally because of the Cold War. The Cold War existed because the U.S. already wanted to intervene globally and so it created the Cold War to justify it.

The simple truth, one that was obvious to anyone in charge of things in the U.S. at the end of the war, was that the Soviet Union was not a threat. If the Soviet Union had been expansionist they’d not have pressed for the western allies to invade Europe. They were already winning in spring of '44 and pushing Hitler back. They actually slowed their advancement so the western allies could get to Germany. Then they let their troops through Soviet occupied Germany to help occupy Berlin.

In the same way they only occupied half of Korea when they entered the pacific war and waited for the U.S. to occupy the south. They also could have invaded Japan from the north and helped occupy it. They didn’t.

They’d agreed with FDR and Churchill at Yalta to have spheres of influence after the war. Greece was outside their sphere. So when in the early post-war period the Communists in Greece asked for Soviet help in the civil war in Greece, Stalin said “No.”

The Soviets were not the aggressors in the Cold War. It was an invention of the capitalists imperialists who’d gotten Truman instead of Wallace as V.P. in 1944, who was a perfect puppet for them, including dropping two unnecessary A-Bombs on Japan all in order to send a message to the USSR of who was now the boss. The other big thing the puppet did, which later in retirement he said was his worse mistake, was creating the CIA.


Good article, but very important and truthful additions on you’re part. Nice job.


Old AND ANCIENT as well. The guy in front of me in the check out line at the drug store asked the clerk for Alka-Selzer and got a blank stare like he was asking for Martian rocks.