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Chorus of Outrage as Obama Administration Approves Arctic Drilling for Shell Oil


Chorus of Outrage as Obama Administration Approves Arctic Drilling for Shell Oil

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Environmental activists expressed shock and outrage on Tuesday after the U.S. Department of the Interior upheld a 2008 lease sale on the Arctic's Chuchki Sea, opening the door for continued oil exploration in a region long eyed for drilling by Shell Corporation and increasingly strained under the effects of climate change.


If we don’t end the dictatorship of the corportariat, it will end us. Since Reagan they have stolen at an accelerated rate. Impose a one time 50% tax on all offshore wealth and use it to pay down the national debt. At the current estimate of ~34 trillion that almost pays it off. Then set a 50% marginal tax rate with no loopholes. It’s time to right the ship of state. Not by throwing crew overboard and putting the rest on bread and water. The captains and their phalanx’s need to pay.


Yeah, who could’ve seen that coming?



The year round fool is anyone who ever again votes for a Republican or a Democrat. The two parties have the same agenda and are owned and operated by the richest 1% of Americans. Get over your loyalty to either of these two corporate parties. It may be hard to do if you have been loyal to one of them since you voted the first time. Time to rethink your vote. Keep voting for either of the two major parties and things will only keep getting worse… Come on, you can do it. Vote independent or third party. We must break the two party system that has destroyed our democracy.


If you can’t figure put who really controls and runs this country, you should try to get some remedial mental health treatment.

  • We the People have no value except as serfs and cannon fodder for the continuing expansion of the Oilagarchy.
  • The Oilagarchy’s intelligence can be summed up in Ronald Reagan’s comment when the people were trying to stop the Redwood logging.
  • “When you’ve seen one Redwood, you’ve seen 'em all. Besides, trees are dangerous, they produce Carbon Dioxide.”
  • Nowadays, I suppose it is, “When you’ve seen one polar bear, you’ve seen them all. Besides, ice is dangerous, it makes it harder to drill.”


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In all fairness CD has (since Obama pulled ahead of hitlery in the 2008 primary and quickly morphed) kept a steady stream of articles that questioned the real Obama’s words and actions rather than taking brand Obama seriously, as most media continues to do.


Obama…What a joke! Your being way to kind by calling him a snake! He’s a GOOF WITH A CAPITAL “G”


Good one! Lol


Anyone still want this change we can believe in? I don’t believe I have been so disappointed in anyone in all my seventy years. The thing that really galls me is that he really isn’t much better that the losers he ran against, We should go with the socialist this time. The democrats really are in too deep to be of any use. Sanders for president.


Bernie Sanders is NOT a socialist and usually ends up supporting Obama on every issue after spouting some phony opposition.


What happened Mr. President, are you mad at me (us)? You led me to believe you were against this kind of endeavor. What has changed your mind? The Arctic should be off limits to these onslaughts because of the recklessness and really poor track record of the oil industries work habits. They can not be trusted to get it right. In fact they get it wrong most of the time. Please reconsider this action. Getting it wrong just once will be devastating to the arctic, period. Please. please think again. If you can not stop it then please make sure absolute containment measures of/ if the “accident” are in place BEFORE the first revolution of the bit. Thank you in advance, your friend, Michael Jones.


Any naive Liberals still supporting this ringer/Wall Street toadie? After expanding imperial, terrorist wars, making the regime more secretive than all other throne-stains combined, persecuting whistleblowers, his fun “kill list” of U$ subjects anywhere in the world, etc., what more will it take to open their eyes?If anything the Oh Bummer is worse than the village idiot he replaced. Intelligent fascist=more dangerous than clown fascist.