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Chorus of Outrage as Trump Admin. Throws Climate, Public Health Under Bus by Killing Obama-Era Clean Power Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/chorus-outrage-trump-admin-throws-climate-public-health-under-bus-killing-obama-era

Trump is running our people’s government 100% for benefit of criminal
corporations –

Nature is all –

Global Warming is the ONLY issue –


Hi Greenwich:
I suppose that now someone will steal a plane, fill it with oil—and drop it all on Mar -A-Largo. Maybe then Trump will see that oil and water don’t mix. As for the coal industry, maybe some enterprising American will bottle the ash pond water and sell it as a magic
elixir, TRUMP’S BEST! It will probably sell well, until the first person dies from it.

Then of course, what happened to that awful EPA person—now excised — who had the phone booth for his private calls. Maybe Trump will want to use it, and some particulate matter can be piped in so he can experience REAL American air! : )

isn’t that a nuclear power plant in the photo ?

The coal mine owner, not the 1950s friendly atom, is Trump’s poster child.

How the love can this POS reverse so many environmental regulations and other protections!? Were the original laws/regulations and protected areas so flimsy and so easily reversed by this pig as to be a freakin joke, or is the odious corrupt ginger scumbag going far beyond any authority? We know he tries that but how is it so easy apparently?

IF there is a president of conscience in the WH will he/she have the courage to reverse all trumps destruction and make them “permanent”? We hear of tax cuts for the wealthiest being made permanent so whats the diff?

Here is an article on the demise of Himalayan glaciers - from declassified spy satellites no less !

I wonder if The National Academy of the Sciences should not be given equal swat with the other three branches of government ?

How this could be accomplished ?

I suppose a Constitutional Amendment would be required.

But it would be a quasi-permanent improvement methinks ~

Here is that article:

Himalayan glacier melting doubled since 2000, spy satellites show

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So the Planet will become more Poisonous? Is that even possible? Since I am not a Pacifist any longer when it comes to Murderers, many will not agree with my views. So, therefore… “it is what it is”…as no one in this Country wants to do a Hong Kong or anything close to it. Either we all gave up or still imagine we still have too much to lose, when in fact we have nothing left to lose.

It’s the Niederaussem lignite coal fired power plant.
(Nuclear power plants typically don’t have smokestacks.)


And this is different than the Democrats, how? What the ACA did for healthcare, the Obama Clean Power Plan did for climate change. A half-assed attempt at fixing a problem without damaging corporate profits. The Obama administration oversaw the largest expansion of fracking ever so all this hair-on-fire outrage aimed at Trump is disingenuous.

Yes, and ALL “conventional” power plants have cooling towers, which some people first saw in connection with nukes.

It is my understanding that because Congress has been so thoroughly gridlocked (no pun intended) for so long that the only way a president could advance his programs has been by executive order, which is indeed flimsy and reversible by the next executive who comes along.

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There was a time in my lifetime, before, say, 1970, when there were still some Democrats–perhaps 50 percent on average–who DID consider the “general welfare” and who did not routinely swear fealty to criminal corporations. At times it was enough to form a majority for a while.

Denial of global warming and the climate crisis is an act of war. The oligarchs know that accelerated heat, drought, storm and flooding kills people, makes refugees of whole communities to be then treated like criminals and executed. The oligarchs have no intention of supporting a population of 10 billion (mostly the poor and people of color) in 1050. Trump is a traitor among traitors of the business world.

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As much as so many of us recognize that Trump is likely tied with W/Cheney
for the most criminal to set foot in the White House, he is still there.

And hard to say which of them – W/Cheney or Trump/Bolton-Pompeo – have had
the most widespread NEGATIVE effect on the world.

Obama era perfected EV battery tech, increased wind and solar power. Did a lot of natural habitat restoration projects. Brought more electric light rail on line. We’re still behind on municipal buses
which do NOT convert very well to hybrid or battery EV. I’ll look up the word disingenuous,
but Trump deserves every curse hurled at him for being a lying misanthropic pig and
an extraordinarily evil sonofabitch.

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My wife just sent me this:
Chennai in crisis as authorities blamed for dire water shortage

Apparently India waits on the ‘soon to come’ Monsoon.

That seems a poor substitute for a plan?

Reading between the lines, I think India & China have placed ‘economic development’ and GDP numbers ahead of all else, which is standard procedure here too.

Of course this is not economics in the original intent of this Greek word - ‘oikonomia’.

Rather it is the tracking of money, wealth & power by the one percent and the wannabe middle class, i.e., the Greek word ‘chrematistics’.

Sound familiar ?

Yes, Germany keeps this burner of the dirtiest kind of coal running so they can idle their zero CO2 emitting nuclear plants.

And this item on future higher sea level projections: The Center for Climate Integrity reported that it would cost coastal communities in the US $416bn in the next 20 years to protect against sea level rise. Apparently Trump and his Corporate Swamp Creatures hate their grandchildren so much that they’d sell them out for a few Benjamine’s.

many –

Also keep in mind the 2004 Pentagon Warning to W Bush citing the reality that
Global Warming is a greater threat to the US than “terrorism.”

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

Secret report warns of rioting and nuclear war
Britain will be ‘Siberian’ in less than 20 years
Threat to the world is greater than terrorism

And the Secretary General’s warning re Global Warming –

UN chief: World has less than 2 years to avoid ‘runaway …


António Guterres, the United Nations secretary general, told global leaders this week that the world has less than two years to avoid “runaway climate change.” “If we do not change course …

Also –
UN chief Antonio Guterres warns of ‘runaway’ climate disaster …

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned Monday that if action is not taken by 2020 to stop the effects of global warming, it will be too late to avoid the disastrous consequences …

I’d also add that we had a gap of a minimum of 50 years before we actually began to feel
the effects of Global Warming – which means that at this point we are about to feel the
damage done AFTER 1969.

To Greenwich also !

This seems to be OK with the powers that be, a la Naomi Klein’s ‘disaster capitalism’.

Just business as usual, more money to be made by the few at the cost of the many - a near universal in our hierarchical societies.

I think in India, right now, in its sixth largest city, Chennai, with the monsoon delayed as forecast by models of El Nino’s and a globally warming planet -

I think a canary just dropped dead at our feet.

And I think we might all take a look at an obscure article here on CD - in the climate section:

We Are Destroying The One Thing That Could Save Us: Civic Intelligence Without civic intelligence, our capacity to address problems effectively and equitably, we have no future byDouglas Schuler