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Chris Christie 'Laughed' When Told of Bridge Plot, Key Witness Testifies


Chris Christie 'Laughed' When Told of Bridge Plot, Key Witness Testifies

Nika Knight, staff writer

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was told about the 2013 George Washington Bridge lane closures during a 9/11 memorial ceremony the week the closures were happening—and laughed when he heard the news.

That's according to testimony in federal court from David Wildstein, the man who orchestrated the closings in his former role as interstate capital projects director for Port Authority, during a hearing on Tuesday.


And, it should be noted and isn't often for the benefit of those in other states, still holds the reins constricting NJ governance. He has plenty of time to wield a veto pen over legislation crafted for and supported by the people.


I once heard an attorney say that an innocent man, when convicted by a jury, will usually get really steamed and really make a stink.
When Christie was accused, he was cool, calm, ready to spend a leisurely hour or so with the Press to fulminate and discuss.
Wonder what he'll do if Justice is served and he has to pay.
Play the part of an innocent man?
Oh Hell, guys like him never even get charged.


Unfortunately, so far he hasn't even been legally accused. All he's lost is a cell phone.


It looks like David Wildstein has turn state's evidence; as a result, Christie most likely will not be laughing much longer.


Interesting point.


So Chris Christie is an asshole. That was painfully obvious to anyone who was paying attention.


Wildstein taking a hit? Wildstein is spilling the beans, for immunity from prosecution. The others are going to take a hit. Jail, or prison?


I don't believe even Christie could get away with that much. Kelly in particular already knows she's toast and has stamped her foot for not being salvaged.


Did you see the pix of the 3 men just after the 9/11 commemoration? That corroborates the laughing, and they sure seem like good friends, touching each other and all. Christie did not today claim any other explanation for what they were laughing about, and the photos were shown in the trial.


Yes, indeed. The subterfuge by Trump, Christie and that whole " shakedown" crew using The Port Authority powers. The Dim's scumbazzo is the current guv, Cuomo. He's as badly tarnished as most of the New York State Dims' sleazy Establishment. If Texas, New York and N. Jersey all seceded, would white collar crime decline by 40%, or 60%, in Washington, D.C. and Wall St.?


Indeed, buried with Hoffa. But I don't think Christie worries about the likes of Kelly and Baroni, and I wouldn't malign the judge without even knowing their name.


Hi mrsannhitts. Add Louisiana to your list of states where the government is a criminal organization. Louisiana citizens are amused by government corruption. They shrug it off. Federal prosecutors have a hard time seating a jury that will convict government or big business leaders.


Yeah, well that is the state that less than 20 years ago gave their voters a choice between a future convicted felon (Edwards) and a KKK leader (Duke) for Governor, and the corrupt future felon won, with the slogan of something like, "Well at least I'm not the Klansman".


It's past time to get Christie charged under a state statute so the prez can't pardon him.


Not sure what "past time" you mean, but the feds have been investigating. They don't do state laws.


I'm confused, Christie is not on trial in this article, but Baroni and Kelly are, but what are they being charged with?


In Louisiana, criminal indictment guarantees a public official's re-election. Will New Jersey re-elect Christie? Will Cuomo ("the Capo") get another term in NY? And as for Texas.......I don't even want to think about Texas.


Christie is at the end of his term limits. Cuomo just won reelection, but I don't know about the future.


Federal charges: "There are nine counts that the two defendants are charged with - misuse of government resources, which would be the bridge; wire fraud and depriving citizens of their rights to freely travel," according to WNYC reporter Matt Katz attending the trial. Charges were not filed against Christie because he's too careful to (so far) get caught doing anything that's a sure conviction.