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Christchurch: When Simply Being a Muslim is Your Biggest Crime


Christchurch: When Simply Being a Muslim is Your Biggest Crime

Christian Christensen

The Christchurch terrorists, who earlier today took the lives of nearly 50 people at two mosques, were clearly consumed by both racism and hatred of Muslims. One posted a lengthy “manifesto” on white nationalism before he committed the crime. They spent significant time online, and were perhaps “radicalized” in chat-rooms and via social media.



An excellent article and this bigotry is very much behind the attacks on Ilhan Omar in the USA. There was a poster recently put up asking the question “Have we already forgotten” or some such with Ilhan showed in the foreground of the collapsing WTC towers and this poster was posted in the State Capital building in West Virginia. Here In Canada after that invidual plowed his vehicle into a group of pedestrians there were people calling talk shows even before the full details known trying to claim it as “Muslim Terrorism”. The press and media to their credit stayed away from that and I heard talk show hosts on more then a few stations just hang up on these people as soon as they started those rants. Going to the web there a flood of articles from US based media suggesting it as “Muslim Terrorism”.

This helps show how the News Media is driven merely by profit and the bottom line. “Muslim Terrorism” headlines or news stories sells papers or drives ratings. Sensationalism increases profits be it for that media or for the makers of arms wanting to sell more weapons for more wars. CEOs of major arms companies and those hedge fund managers all hype the stocks of Weapons manufacturing suggesting the “rise in terrorism” increases sales.

Behind all of this hatred are people making a whole lot of money.



It isn’t just Muslims. Fascist hate groups are rampant in our country. They must be disarmed and crushed or all hated minorities are targets – “leftists” too. the key challenge is that our police and military are inseparable from our domestic fascist terrorists – as is the GOP and their media machine.

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If a man walks into a wedding, strapped with explosives and blows himself up, is it an act of terrorism? We usually jump up and say… “Of course it is!”. But what if the bomber left a note that suggested that one of the guests at the wedding was a “terrorist”? Would it still be an act of terrorism? I’m sure everyone would still agree.
However if a drone drops a bomb on the same wedding, is it an act of terrorism? Even if the drone operator was told that there is a suspected terrorist at the wedding? At this point the MSM media would avoid any further discussion on the topic and switch to a commercial.
The root of all terrorism is the ability to terrorize I would argue. Whether the act is committed by a crazed Muslim, Aryan Nation follower or a government sanctioned killing, all of it is terrorism.
Though I’m happy that New Zealand officials were quick to label it as a terrorist attack, if the same criminal behaviour took place in Israel, I’m sure we would hear a different narrative. Perhaps we would hear about how the shooter had suffered from being taunted by muslims or perhaps we would quickly dismiss it as someone who had a long history of mental illness. In any case, it is a disgrace that no one in the media is willing to debate this label.
We need a global debate that redefines what terrorism is and that new definition must begin with any act directed at the indiscriminate killing of innocent human beings.






Religious Crusades, cultural segregation, racism, war profiteering, terrorism, ebola, climate change, school shootings, species extinctions, immigration, habitat destruction, ocean pollution, you name it. Nature seems to be trying to kill us off.

Everyone blames moral failures. But who mentions overpopulation?



I’m reading Sapiens now, and it seems, that long before Homo sapiens were on this planet in any large numbers, they managed to kill off almost all the megafauna of every place they migrated to. And for some, unspecified, reason, all the other hominid species also disappeared. Cainism, didn’t originate in a Biblical story, I am afraid, it’s the history of our species, or at least the males and if so, it will take something entirely different to correct and change the path we are on, and started on, so very long ago.

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This lunatic went to NZ from Australia because of their lax gun laws. Well, that’s about to change, pronto like. ( NZ won’t tolerate that type of political chicanery just for $$$, like we do. ) He also travelled extensively prior to carrying out his madness; oh brother, that is going to cause a very wide net to be cast and well it should. The tip of the White Spear is going to be exposed to much needed sunlight, finally.
Whether we find out that info is another matter. The intelligence agencies aren’t held to account. The 5 Eyes are so fixated ( talk about built-in prejudice ) on brown and black, they can’t see the forest for all the trees ( when you’re only looking for black/brown walnut you walk right past white oak, aspen, pine and birch, pretty much ).
It’s a travesty The Looney was inspired, in part, by American lunatics who preceded him into this sick place. But, our nutcases, like a Custer, LeMay, Cheney and Andrew Jackson are venerated in some circles so what should we expect, really? I guess the same could be said about Israel under Netanyahu or Bolton and Pompeo, under Trump.
So it goes… unfortunately for " the others ".



As much as this article is important in its entirety, it does not touch on a relevant example of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab prejudice,that which underlies Israeli policy toward Palestinians and Israeli Arabs, as well as our and the international communitie’s ignoring and enabling same.
Israel’s very founding speaks to the issue, as the Brits in their administering, gave the Palestinian people a raw deal in favor of European colonialists, the Jewish settlers. The world continues to justify and support an illegal occupancy, apartheid, persecution of a people, and their persistent punishment as lesser beings for the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their religion. Meanwhile the press, here and in Europe refuses to report on conditions in Gaza, crimes against its civilians, Israel’s policy of disproportionate military response and the tragic results of it on Gaza’s infrastructure, economy, day to day lives. No discussion of anti-Muslim aggression should leave out our allies simply because they are allies.



Its the history of all species. Ours manages to avoid it without replacing it with humane means of overpopulation control. But in death control without birth control, inhumane nature always has the last word.

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Yeah, funny you should mention Israel in your comments . . .

And, of course there was the King David Hotel back in '46.

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Hi Shantiananda: Wow, Trump’s words can be so easily changed in meaning, you know, –
Here’s a new visual : “I have the police and the military behind me,” said the Trumpster- and behind him the people were pulling out their knives, and oh wait, there’s the Hillary yelling ," We came, we saw, he died! Hmm she’s waving a bayonet too
President Trump ----Read up on the Praetorian Guard in ancient Rome----they offed their leaders all the time.

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HI Emma_Voberry. Thank you for standing up for other regions and religions----it’s good to see that more people are SEEING what so many out of control governments are doing.( this includes America and the UK and France along with Israel.)
I dream of the day when EARTHLING is the word for all the People of Earth, and humans really do take t seriously the words of “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” We need planet wide support for all nations, which celebrate similarities as well as differences for all of us Earthlings. : )



So, wearing a jihab may be considered as being against our constitution?
Then so should a Latino wearing baggy shorts hanging down.
An African American wearing a durag.
A Hawaiian wearing a lea.
A Native American wearing tribal adornments.
A Caucasian wearing a maga cap.

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Actually, it’s not. Chimpanzees didn’t wipe out all other bands of apes, not did gorillas or orang-utans. Big cats share their space with leopards and cheetah and do not seek out and exterminate all competitors. Might they have done so if they could? Maybe, but they didn’t develop the tools to do so and we did. There was no overpopulation then which doesn’t day that overpopulation isn’t a problem, but it argues that it isn’t the only, and maybe not the most fundamental, problem that our species needs to face.



The problem is all of the western world, the developed world, what ever you want to call it, lives a massive lie. We kill, rape, and oppress billions in the developing and undeveloped world so we can live large and when those billions get a little upset with that arrangement and act out…how dare they? We need to crack down on them even harder.

We should make suicide a crime. Someone kills themselves … lock them up for life. Ha!

I could kill a whole bunch of people with an umbrella, should we outlaw umbrellas?

How about we try and make the world a better place where fewer people are incline to kill themselves and others? Crazy I know.

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An animal doesn’t kill for sport and owns only what it can defend. It can’t pay others to steal and kill.

With fair wealth distribution women would have good education, planned parenting and eventually, we would have no overpopulation. But with 8 billion people and counting, its way too late.

Overpopulation means loss of species diversity and nature can’t have that. It gave us conservatives so the culling can proceed.

To control our population/resource balance painlessly would be a real difference between humans and animals.



Ah, there’s the rub. As far as I can tell, this species generally prefers that others take that step and one group is good at finding reasons for assisting another along that road to a smaller population.



To be realistic and fair, developed countries are lowering population growth beneath replacement levels. Not excusing their history of exploitation and violent oppression, just pointing out the numbers.