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Christian Extremism Plagues World, Too


Christian Extremism Plagues World, Too

Tony Norman

Where does this incredible smugness come from? Last week at the Values Voter Summit, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum told an ostensibly Christian, very pro-war-with-Islam crowd that, though it took a millennium or two, Christianity was officially not as bad as the forces of “radical Islam.”

Proving that irony is his middle name, Mr. Santorum contrasted the tolerance for religious and ideological differences one finds in the West against the lack of such freedoms in Islamic states as proof of the superiority of our values over theirs.


Before all the usual characters blow a gasket ... this was an article criticizing christians written by a fellow christian. I just thought it important to remember that people of faith are not all fanatics - neither ours or theirs. Extremists of any faith or of no faith are the problem everyone faces.

Extremists are the plague... no matter which flavor... intolerance is their dogma.