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Christians as Dangerous Good Samaritans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/23/christians-dangerous-good-samaritans


“Economic elites, abetted by some faith leaders, have taken over Christianity and transformed it into a state religion that functions to legitimate and further their rule.”

Christianity has always been a state religion since the Emperor Constantine had a vision , “in this sign you will conquer”, of the Christian symbol of the time, and used it as a standard for his army. Having been victorious he made the previously despised religion the religion of Rome.

Every since then it has been the dominant religion of the West’s most prolific and vicious colonialists and imperialists: the Romans(Italians), Portuguese, Spanish, British, Dutch, Germans, French and finally the most clever imperialists of all the Americans. In that process the original principles have, of course, been applied only when the don’t threaten commerce and conquest.

The Spanish conquistadors were particularly bad; and the Franciscan priests in the new world actually did their own torturing in what is now Mexico.


Amen! Amen! And Amen!!!

I would have gone even further and “called names:” The right-wing conservative Christians of our day are by and large White Washed Sepulchers, the Pharasees of our day.


Although advertising itself as the party of compassion, even the mild reformism of the Sanders’ campaign was fiercely opposed by the Democratic establishment

Bernie had to know that too.


I wholeheartedly agree, except that instead of ‘right-wing conservative Christians’ I would have written ‘right-wing funny-dementalists of the “christian” variety’, since ALL organized religions are inherently evil in that they are ALL based on Fraud, and they ALL resort to Force of one kind or another when resisted.  (BTW, as others have noted
previously, six of the nine jurists currently serving on the Supreme Court of the United States are members of the utterly evil Cult of Rome, whose imperialism you described above . . . )


I agree, very good article. If by Christian ones definition is a follower of Jesus, then I prefer most Atheists, because at least they are honest. The Bible Trumpers are the Sadducees and the Pharisees of Amerika. What Chris Hedges correctly labeled : "CHRISTIAN FASCISTS’!


I know decent people are sometimes motivated to do good things because of their religion, but there can be little doubt that overall religion was invented to serve the ruling class by keeping the rabble in line. Render unto Caesar etc or, “you’ll get pie in the sky when you die.” A great business model, give me your money now, you’ll get rewarded for it after you die


"Good People generally do good, and evil people do evil — but for good people to do evil, that takes religion . . . "


Let us not forget the words attributed to Jesus in Mathew 6:6

“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”


Christ’s was a message meant to save humanity but since the time of Constantine that message has been exploited and obfuscated to justify acts diametrically opposed to true Christian philosophy.

Through the Crusades and Inquisition right up to drone pilots trained at a supposedly Christian university to believe killing innocent children is just like mowing the grass because they are not “Christian”, the true message has been like pearls before swine.

And with the evil cultists in charge of the message now, there really is no hope of things changing soon.


Is there any doubt a modern day Jesus would be rotting in a supermax, if he hadn’t already been the victim of an “officer involved shooting”?

Love is the tyrant’s greatest fear.




When Jesus (if there was such a person, and I have my doubts) stood by the Old Testament as divinely inspired (~https://www.bethinking.org/bible/q-how-did-jesus-view-the-old-testament), what is one to make about Jesus’s attitude of God mowing the grass quite often and sometimes with children (the entire concept of passover). Christianity has way too much baggage for me - if people need divine inspiration to be moral, they should look elsewhere or start from scratch and make something new up.


I’ll raise an Amen for the idea that we Christians should be disruptively, radically resistant to any order of things built upon power, money, or anything else whatever but love. It’s why I’m a socialist. Two gripes, though:

  1. The article has the tone-deaf quality of all speech that trumpets great new ideas without seeming to realize that those ideas are, however great, not new. Does the author not know, or not think it worth mentioning, that there has been an extensive (albeit non-dominant) history of Christian involvement with justice and peace movements for the last two centuries or so, just such as he calls for? This includes famous people like the Reverend Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, the Berrigans, Thomas Merton, and many more; many thousands of non-famous people; and groups, from the founding of organized abolitionism by Christians in 1787 to the Kings Bay Ploughshares 7 just sentenced in October for antinuclear protest.

  2. The article descends from the sublime to the ridiculous with a bump: from its call to imitate Christ to its claim that the Democratic Party is not only a horribly mixed bag but immovable. There is a serious argument about whether subverting the DP from within is more hopeful than a third-party or partyless strategy, or maybe complementary to it: can one side or the other of that argument really be equated with religious decency as such?


Uncle Fester: "Good People generally do good, and evil people do evil — but for good people to do evil, that takes religion . . . "

Its pretty fundamentalist to divide the world into “good people” and “evil people.”


Im OK with that, as long as that room isn’t tax exempt

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I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to say this! Thanks!
“Economic elites, abetted by some faith leaders, have taken over Christianity and transformed it into a state religion that functions to legitimate and further their rule.”


One reason I have the greatest respect for firemen. They do not check to see what the religion is of the person they try pull from a fire, nor their age, nor their skin color and they pull people from fires from houses that are poor or that are mansions.

They also do not become firemen so that they can exert power over others like a police officer or a soldier might. This does not mean that there can never be a racist or sexist that joins the fire department but in my lifetime everyone I have met has been decent.


Is there any doubt a modern day Jesus would be rotting in a supermax

He is. He is Julian Assange.


I SAW God. Do you doubt it?
Do you dare to doubt it?
I saw the Almighty Man. His hand
Was resting on a mountain, and
He looked upon the World and all about it:
I saw him plainer than you see me now,
You mustn’t doubt it.

He was not satisfied;
His look was all dissatisfied.
His beard swung on a wind far out of sight
Behind the world’s curve, and there was light
Most fearful from His forehead, and He sighed,
“That star went always wrong, and from the start
I was dissatisfied.”

He lifted up His hand—
I say He heaved a dreadful hand
Over the spinning Earth. Then I said, “Stay,
You must not strike it, God; I’m in the way;
And I will never move from where I stand.”
He said, “Dear child, I feared that you were dead,”
And stayed His hand.

James Stephens’ poem is good for anytime; this Christmas especially.