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Christmas in Karbala


Christmas in Karbala

Cathy Breen

KARBALA Iraq -- It is Christmas day, and I am in Karbala with dear friends. We awoke to a second day of rain, and pictures of flooding, especially in Baghdad, are being shown on TV. Yesterday, on Christmas-eve, several tents caught fire in a camp for the internally displaced near Mosel. As I write you, I am looking at the charred remains of one of the tents on TV. Angry people are describing what happened, lifting high the kerosene heaters for all to see. And, of course, the conflict in Mosel is foremost in the news. I am missing a translator this morning as my host is at work.


America needs to wake up, The glorification of everything military from toys, guns, games, clothing, songs etc. is manufacturing cannon fodder and that fodder will be our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters. The world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage. Ddddddddddddd


Last year, a College student Nephew of mine was playing a First Person Video Game, where he, as a rugged Soldier, would enter various areas, guns blazing and attempt to obliterate anything, and anyone, in his way.

Finally, I engaged him in conversation, pointing out that participation in the US Armed Forces is no longer an Honorable Calling.

When I mentioned the Brainwashing that was involved in Basic Training, he told me that a friend of his who was attending West Point had it Framed to him as "They Break You, to Make You!", like that was a good thing.

Last night at a Christmas celebration, at their house, another friend of his was there.

This young man, probably aged about 22 or 23, was a very nice, respectful and warm fellow whom I was told, later in the evening, is in the Army.

He told me that he was currently stationed in at Fort Stewart, in Georgia, and would probably do 20 years in the Army and eventually Retire Out.

I gently, and curiously, asked him, privately, to tell me, whether, if he was ordered to Fire on US Citizens, would he?

He just kind of shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, you gotta do what they tell you."


“We want the U.S. to understand one thing” said a student. “Islam doesn’t mean terrorism.”

God has sent three Great Messengers into the world: The Buddha, The Jesus, and The Muhammad.
All religions sent into this world have come from a common source and All the Religions have been changed by the hand of man. Buddhaism from The Buddha, Christianity from Jesus, and Islam from Muhammad have much to teach all of humanity as they were gifts from the Creator for all of humanity. The challenge is getting at the core truths of each and understanding the misunderstandings of each caused by the hand of man. As Christianity brought forth the Crusades does not mean that all of Christianity should be disregarded. Same with Islam; Islam does not mean terrorism.... newmessage dot org