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Chuck Jones Is a Better President Than Donald Trump Will Ever Be


Chuck Jones Is a Better President Than Donald Trump Will Ever Be

John Nichols

Donald Trump, America’s troll-in-chief, picks Twitter fights with anyone who calls him out. So it should come as no surprise that the president-elect is going after Chuck Jones.

Jones is the president of United Steelworkers 1999, which represents Carrier workers in Indiana, and he just called Trump’s troublesome relationship with the truth out. Big time.


Liberals should take a break from their Trump-bashing to see what their current government is doing right now: The congress just passed the 21st Century Cures Act – a horrible act that was lobbied for by 1300 pharmaceutical lobbyists. Why such a lobbying effort? Because it’s a bonanza for Big Pharma: the FDA will allow Big Pharma to cut corners in research and put drugs on the market that have not been rigorously tested.

Cut corners how? Big Pharma will save money by side-stepping the gold-standard of rigorous evidence-based clinical trials. Instead, the act will allow patient comments, gathered outside the framework of a randomized, controlled clinical trial, to be used in the formal FDA drug review process. Patient comments are easier and cheaper to collect, thus saving Big Pharma the cost of clinical trials, but, any researcher will tell you, patient comments are notoriously unreliable.

But the best part – and here’s the reason we really need to connect the dots between domestic and foreign policies – is that the cost of this new initiative will be paid for by cuts to Medicaid and the sale of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. So while we’re over in the Middle East killing people for their oil, our government will be selling its own oil to give Big Pharma more profits.

Note that Warren and Sanders voted against it!


Congressional Democrats owned by the drug and insurance industries contributed to Trump's success on November 8 and their continued travesties do indeed need to be aired as frequently as Trump's travesties.

Doing "a lousy job of negotiating with Carrier" is consistent with Trump's legacy of failed brick and mortar businesses that went bankrupt. Unfortunately those of us who DO pay taxes, unlike Trump and his appointees, will be picking up the tab when Trump bankrupts the US Government.

Trump's financial success has been limited to Trump the brand and Trump the entertainer. Had he invested the money he put into other business into basic savings accounts prior to the 2008 crash he would have had higher return on investment (ROI). Had he put that money into an indexed stock mutiual fund since 2009 he would have had higher ROI.


I heard a little about this. Here's what continually does not make sense: A dystopian society that divests itself from community, lends itself to authority in the name of profits. When is more not enough? What also gets me like a lot of others is that the US apparently does not get most of its oil from the middle East - only a portion of it, and it has its own reserves as was mentioned. . Plus here's another intereting tidbit. Surveys have been taken with results that show that most people who commute would rather use public transportation; something that is not that available in suburban, and rural areas. So......more and more people drive sometimes when they are only teenagers and say they are for clean energy. Interesting dichotomy.


Unions are not mafia, but they are slowly disappearing. Without unions workers would not have a forty hour week, a vacation, and there would still be child labor. The South was always distrustful of unions , and that's why they have low wages, and people who vote against their own interests. Silly.


It is not the gov job to negociate with companies. However, we need policies at the actual companies like more worker shared ownership , profit sharing, and more union strength as well. Volkswagon built a plant somewhere down South, and was surprised that the workers were anti union. In Germany I heard, unions are much stronger and companies do not make a habit of outsourcing.


Disconnected. That word sticks out.

Repeating and repeating: Trump wins the Electoral College, but not the votes. Now that's a disconnect.

And if past results of such mal-representation demonstrate, precious little domestic peace and tranquillity will follow.


Dick Cheney flat out told the world when Dubya was installed by the SCOTUS in 2000 that election margins are irrelevant in the 21st century...if you win by one popular vote or one electoral vote your administration will still have as much power as a candidate who wins by a landslide. History confirms that Cheney was correct.


I was on a Jury once, where a fellow Juror announced, to the rest of us, that he had the Right to Vote on the case any way he chose.

I pointed out to him that he did not have that Right, merely the Power.