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Chuck Schumer: 'Friend Of Wall Street and War'


Chuck Schumer: 'Friend Of Wall Street and War'

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

WASHINGTON - Last week Sen. Charles Schumer announced that he will oppose the Iran nuclear deal. Schumer’s stance drew the ire of the White House and liberal groups such as MoveOn. Right-wingers such as Sen. Ted Cruz, however, praised Schumer for opposing the deal.



Senator Schumer is just one more Democrat to betray us and join the Republicans in their rush to war against Iran. I believe Israel’s leaders are making a grave mistake in their march toward war against Iran. Iran has a population of 78.5 million people versus Israel’s population of 7.8 million.Iran has many friends near Israel, and an attack by Israel may result in Israel being surrounded by enemies and the target of thousands of missiles exploding on their cities and killing thousands of Israeli civilians. If Israel uses a nuclear weapon, they may begin WW III which may end all life on Planet earth.The warmonger fools in both US political parties are catering to their rich donors from the war profiteering defense corporations.We, the people, must stop the current wars and stop a war against Iran as well.The ignorant stooges that are called our Senators and Congresspeople are so deeply into politics and bribery that they can easily cause WW III. They have no compassion for the deaths of our soldiers or the civilians that will be killed in a war that will bring not only Iran to fight, but many other nations who have been attacked by our drone bombs and our airplanes dropping bombs in wars all around the world. We need to stop all of our violence and stop trying to dominate the world. By withdrawing from a mindset of militarism, we could stop the bankrupting costs of wars and redirect our war money into fixing our public schools, giving free college to all American students, and giving free healthcare to all Americans. This is what Bernie Sanders is talking about. The people are listening. We need to build a Labor party and recruit candidates for every seat in the Senate and the House of Representatives.This is what other nations did to get their people free healthcare and free college… We need to be a nation of peace and never meddle in the elections of other nations again. Howard M Greenebaum


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