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'Chuck Schumer Has Some Dinner Guests': Protesters Outside of Minority Leader's Home Demands Action on Detention Camps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/chuck-schumer-has-some-dinner-guests-protesters-outside-minority-leaders-home

I’ve been saying this for a long time, that this is one of the best ways to get some things done… by directly confronting our so called Leaders. We know where they live. And they don’t like company! In fact, they Fear it! We need to do a “ Guess who’s coming to Dinner” on many more of them.


I wonder if he believes in anything besides “Israel can do no wrong.”
The little children in the camps are merely "collateral damage."l


Schumer is just another corrupt conservative pretending to be a liberal.

He should have the letters, SQ burned into his forehead, signifying his record of maintaining the "Status Quo."


This has nothing to do with what he or any of our elected leaders Believe. They need to be held accountable for How they Govern! So far He and Pelosi are complete failures and corrupt to the bone. They are far from Spineless. They know exactly how to keep their money train - Status Quo bull shit flowing into their bank accounts, with no regards for the rest of us. They need to be surrounded at their Residences!


Of course Chuck and Nancy are complicit, accessories to the murder of seven kids if that is the correct number right now. Trump’s stooges at the border-- bring back Nielsen too-- are directly culpable. But Trump himself is most culpable of all.

But a president can’t be tried for murder, someone will assert (Atty. Barr?). Trump can for sure be the subject of impeachment hearings though if anyone besides Megan Rapinoe has the guts to hold them.

And a subject of those hearings, along with tax returns, the Mueller Report and other arcane subjects can be whether the child murders Trump has committed through his wilful negligence are first degree, second degree or manslaughter.

The answer seems obvious. There is purpose here. Malice on purpose. And any of the seven dead kids is as dead as Ann Frank is. There is no difference from what Hitler did whatsoever except as someone has pointed out, some of the kids Hitler murdered were murdered immediately rather than tortured first.

Go stand outside the houses of Trump and the Republicans who are actually responsible for the problem.

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The “moderates” in the Democratic Party have a lot to answer for as well.

Ever since he was chosen as head of the Democrats in the Senate, this mamzer has been a worthless POS. He has done as much as anyone in the Senate except Yertle and Cruz to destroy our country.

“Moderates”? We’re supposed to call the fascists who approve of the concentration camps “moderates” now? No wonder the country is screwed.

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Which protest is likely to be more effective? The one in front of a Republican’s house or the one in front of a Democrat’s house?

Not just ‘leaders’ but also CEO’s, CFO’s, Bishops, etc

Torches and pitchforks is all they give us to work with any more

Protesting in front of a Democrat’s house seems that it would much more effective than protesting in front of a republican’s house.