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Chuck Schumer’s Actions on the National Stage Get Little Scrutiny From His Local Press


Chuck Schumer’s Actions on the National Stage Get Little Scrutiny From His Local Press

Theodore Hamm

In the recent flare-up over “civility,” the leading Democrat in the Senate attacked Rep. Maxine Waters’ call for public confrontation with Trump administration officials as “not American.” Many activists in Brooklyn, Chuck Schumer’s home, were upset by the McCarthyite smear.


Schumer is well past his sell-by date. Let’s give the reins to the likes of Ocasio-Cortez, fresh faces without the stench of inevitable grift. Sorry Chucky, we really did not enjoy your movie. Your career in politics has surely become a Chinese finger puzzle of contradictions. Leave graciously, please.


Schumer needs to retire and open a Schnitzel shop in New York.

“Schumer’s Schnitzel Shop.”


Chuck Schumer’s priorities are Chuck Schumer, Israel, and Wall St.

But I like him at the top of the D-Party power structure. He’s helping usher in that party’s demise.


HIs first name so clearly tells us what to do: CHUCK schumer and replace him with someone who works for America.


I can’t remember reading an analsysis before about how the NYC tabloids cover politics. The one thing I know is the Daily News is very good at covering local sports and the NY Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch. So it might be more useful to analyze how these tabloids are covering the Yankees and Mets. One thing to realize about Schumer is that he is not a magician. The Democrats have a minority of votes in the Senate so if the Republicans want to do something badly enough Schumer cannot stop them. Also, several Democratic senators come from conservative states and are therefore very difficult to keep in line. And he really is out of his element since Trump got elected. Schumer’s most positive asset is being able to work with the other side but with Trump being elected he has been thrust in the role of having to lead the resistance against Trump. That is not his strong suit. I have to give him credit for trying to lead the resistance but certainly there are Democratic senators who would be much better in that role.


Yep, only Republicans with 40 votes can stop things in the Senate. Dems with 49 votes are helpless.

Actually, Dems are just helpless. Period.


The nearest I ever came to throwing a brick through my TV (no longer own one) was right after the Feds torched all those men/women/chilren at Waco and Chucky stood up and said they got what they deserved for not obeying the Feds. There are a lot of crazy people - religeous, political, drugs, you name it - but they should never be torched like that, especially the kids. I loathe the man. Gopherit