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Chuck Todd, Labor Day, and Getting Serious

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/05/chuck-todd-labor-day-and-getting-serious

Way too polite treatment by Ralph on Todd. Can we please move on from trying to reform any aspect of the MSM, including NPR? It’s not gonna happen. Stop whining about it and offering reasons why they do what they do. We know this already.

The Left’s goal should seek ways around the MSM to get the Truth out there.

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Just for a little context, I voted for Ralph Nader in 1996 and 2000, making me, according to legend, a “spoiler” in Al Gore’s candidacy. Except, of course, that I live in Wisconsin, and Gore won easily here. My vote made no difference. Still, it wasn’t a “protest” vote. I thought he was the better candidate.

He is on target about Chuck Todd. The same goes, really, for all the corporate yak-yak shows. NPR is better, but keeps it within limits. I reserve special scorn for PBS, especially “Washington Week,” a truly odious show, just people sitting around thumping their chests, saying nothing beyond how much they know about the superficialities in Washington, D.C. I wrote about this absurdity here in 2017: http://whilewestillhavetime.blogspot.com/2017/12/pretending.html


Good stuff from Ralph, though he’s too easy on Todd. There is no little Edward R. Murrow lurking in Todd just waiting to be set free. Besides this, if you want to see living dinosaurs in the flesh, visit any major union press operation. They are true reflections of the bureaucrats they work for.

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Ok. So Chuck Todd is controlled by his corporate masters and this results in him not being tough on his guests and not having guests on that would challenge the agenda of his corporate masters. And labor leaders don’t take advantage of Labor Day.

So what is Ralph’s excuse?

Several times when Ralph talked about the shortcomings of the media I have suggested to Ralph that he could get serious about it instead of just complaining about it by forming a non-profit corporation selling shares for 100 dollars each to raise money to buy up media that would be controlled by Ralph and a board elected by the shareholders.

These shares could only be bought by citizens and no one citizen could own more than ten shares. The shares could only be sold for 100 dollars as the purpose of owning shares is to provide the kind of media coverage we are currently lacking and not to make money buying and selling shares.

Just 10% of presidential election cycle voters (6% of eligible voters) investing 100 dollars would total over 1 billion dollars and would be very near the 1.4 billion dollars to buy the Gannett newspapers.

I have also been contacting Ralph for years to get his opinion and possibly get him to inform citizens about One Demand, a campaign financing approach that is designed to give ordinary citizens the opportunity to pressure candidates to separate themselves from their corporate masters by demanding they run small donor campaigns.

When labor day came around I have pointed out to him how this could be considered “A Union for Politics”. Just as workers can go on strike by withholding their labor to get better pay, working conditions, etc., citizens can go on strike in the voting booth by withholding their votes from the big money candidates and registering votes to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates.

Just 10% of presidential election cycle voters investing 100 dollars in contributions to small donor candidates would total over 1 billion dollars.
Citizens can make this commitment now to provide incentive for candidates to run as small donor candidates so they can get the votes and the money.

Just like the labor leaders Ralph has not taken advantage of this opportunity on labor day or throughout the year and just like Todd he keeps having the same old parade of guests on his Radio Hour.

This despite his statement on Washington Journal in the fall of 2018 that this idea deserved to be heard and that he would have me on the Radio Hour to discuss it.

I sent the information he requested on Washington Journal and followed up but have just got the run around and unfulfilled promises that they would get back to me.

Whether or not Ralph is correct in these kinds of articles has become unimportant to me. At this point it is merely the pot calling the kettle black.

Ralph has been and could and should be better than that.

Let Ralph know he should as in the Beatles song, get back to where he once belonged and ask himself- What Would Edward R. Murrow do?.

Ask Ralph why he will not offer this fresh, courageous and accurate voice and idea to his listeners as he said he would on Washington Journal.

Why is todd the Cretin still on the increasingly appropriately named “boob-tube?”