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Chump: Before Trump fell for Antifa Conspiracy Theory, He Fell for Saudi Blockade of US Ally Qatar

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/10/chump-trump-fell-antifa-conspiracy-theory-he-fell-saudi-blockade-us-ally-qatar

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Thanks for the story professor Cole, but an extra thank you for clearing up the misconception surrounding the “Antifa” lies. I would only add that there is evidence of white supremist groups posing as Antifa on the net.

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Some maladroit bits here, unusual for Juan Cole:

Not since Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had attempted to wipe out Kuwait in 1990
had the Middle East seen such an ambitious act of aggression.

– Where were you in 2003? Did you know that the U.S. invaded and ransacked Iraq that year?

… the Religious Right like the Muslim Brotherhood … Some of the rebel groups
Qatar favored were Muslim fundamentalist, such as the Muslim Brotherhood
(though the MB in this period had committed itself to parliamentary democracy)

The Brotherhood is not considered fundamentalist, at least compared with U.S. enemies and
sometime allies Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Nusra, the fanatical sects the Pentagon armed in Syria,
and even Wahabist Saudi Arabia. And though it may be politically conservative (and bungled the Egyptian presidency before the pro-U.S. coup), it has a philosophy of compassion and sharing
lacking in the above-named groups (and in right-wing American sects that call themselves Christian).

By the fall of 2017, Trump had somehow been convinced to stop backing the blockade
against Qatar, and relations between Doha and Washington improved. Some of this change
was accomplished by Tillerson and Mattis. Some of it was effective Qatari lobbying (though
Saudi Arabia and the UAE are bigger players in the inside-the-beltway lobbying scene).

A funny omission: around 2017 Qatar forced Al Jazeerah to suppress its devastating documentary
The Lobby: USA that exposed Israeli machinations against and manipulation of pro-Palestinian groups in the United States. (This followed The Lobby part 1 expose of similar illegal maneuvres in Britain
that was broadcast; both can be viewed at The Electronic Intifada .net). Suppression of the broadcast, fiercely lobbied for by Alan Dershowitz and other hard-line American Zionists, would have pleased
Israel no end as well as AIPAC and the rest of the U.S. Israel lobby.

Another interesting omission in this article: Israel and its alliances with Saudi Arabia,
UAE and other GCC members, and of course its bond with Uncle Sam.