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CIA Accused of 'A to Z Cover-Up' as Manchin Suggests He's Open to Voting for Haspel

CIA Accused of 'A to Z Cover-Up' as Manchin Suggests He's Open to Voting for Haspel

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the CIA wheeled a single cardboard box of classified material related to the highly secretive and reportedly torture-filled record of Gina Haspel—President Donald Trump's pick to head the agency—into the basement of the Capitol building on Monday, Sen.

A CIA creation modeled after Nurse Ratchet from Cuckoo’s Nest and Nurse Wilkes from Misery. And, some Democrats kind of like that stuff. Too much information, Joe and Dianne.
Who’d of thunk?
Meanwhile, back at the black site…" Please, madame, can I have another? And, really make it hurt this time. They’re all watching ".

Tomorrow is West Virginia’s primary. I will take particular pleasure in voting for Manchin’s Democrat opponent, Paula Swearingen.



Citing an anonymous Democratic Senate Intelligence Committee source, The Atlantic reported on Monday that Feinstein will “likely” vote yes on Haspel.

I have long asserted that Feinstein’s investigation was effectively a cover-up and that neither she, or Obama, or any other person ultimately engaged in preventing prosecution for the heinous crime of torture, ever intended on the detailed evidence of torture to see the light of day.

Feinstein was complicit in those crimes, as having been briefed on the “enhanced interrogation techniques” as they were ongoing. She understood she needed to find out where all the bodies were buried, so to speak, and worked within a very narrow predetermined scope of her “investigation” in order to deliver the coverup masquerading as an investigation. Preventing prosecution of anyone involved in torture, was her own defense ultimately.

Yes, she did co-author legislation that essentially just kept the original guidelines in place, in regard to the Army Field Manual as it pertains to interrogations, and yes she supported banning torture at the CIA, Guantanamo, etc.

The fact remains, she has never once directly called for prosecution of those responsible for torture, much less even stating that the “enhanced interrogation techniques” were exactly that, at the time.

She recently did publish a public statement on her website where she actually used the word torture, in regard to the Haspel nomination, but the concluding sentence holds her real intention about this. She would not have any problem whatsoever with Haspel being director of the CIA.

Like during her “investigation” she has to make it look like she is putting up some resistance to the CIA. Remember the FAKE fight with the CIA director? That was very entertaining.

Her declassified findings read as a defense of the CIA, as designed.

The only time the word torture is used, is acknowledging John McCain calling it such.

Her findings reiterate the CIA’s own defense, that at the time the “enhanced interrogation techniques” were legal at the time as per John Yoo’s memos.

This monster Feinstein knows more than any of us, just what a brutal monster Haspel is.

But she has yet to openly oppose her. And she wont. I predicted this weeks ago.

And I’ll get taken to task once again by arguments in defense of Feinstein, and Obama.



There is no such thing as a “moderate” Democrat.
You either work for the people or for the corporations.

The Left needs a coalition, including “Our Revolution” and “Indivisible” which will primary ALL corpo-dems who may even THINK of voting for murderous creeps.

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With “Democrats” in full support of tRump and supporting his move further right, should we expect change in the next election… even if Democrats improve their numbers?

No Republican policy is too crazy for my ‘Democratic’ Senator, Claire McCaskill. Stabbed in the back by McCaskill is a regular thing from increased military spending to increased spying and blackmail. Claire’s time is over for me.